The Donald Is A Birther?

The Donald Is A Birther?


You have got be kidding me.

And yet…no.

No, Obama hasn’t shown anybody his birth certificate…

And how about this whopper…

Show me a picture. I’ve seen 14-year-old, I’ve seen 13-year-old. I haven’t seen early pictures.

Yeah, those don’t exist…

Nobody can find them…

Where are they?!?!?!?

He’s a fake!

Donald…you’re fired.

  • gerryf

    A republican says crazy sh** with no supporting evidence that anyone with half a brain knows is false…I’m shocked.

  • Mike A.

    Sarah Palin redux

  • kranky kritter

    Trump is not close to being Presidential material. . . next!

  • Nick Benjamin

    But he could be entertaining.

    And we’ll need some entertainment if current trends continue. It’s very hard to beat an incumbent President, much less one whose presiding over a (admittedly slowly) improving economy and has unseated Qaddafi.

    Surely you must concede Trump has better hair then Palin.

  • kranky kritter

    No Nick, entertaining is bad. I don’t believe for a second he’ll run. He just wants the attention.

    I still expect Obama to get re-elected at this point. But I expect a serious GOP contender to emerge and to give Obama a dogfight. Of the folks making noises, I think Pawlenty has the best chance of winning the gen elec vs. Obama. He has to figure how to win the nomination, though.

  • Paul Roberts

    Hahahaha wtf? Why he saying things like that?? It is funny when people try to exist in media doing things like this…. pathetic…

  • michael mcEachran

    I couldn’t figure out if he really believed what he was saying / asking, or if we was playing to the batsh** wing of the party. Eitherway, he didn’t do his homework. So, yeah – fired. Insane that Republicans aren’t recoiling in shame when this topic comes up.

  • gerryf

    You assume Republicans have shame….

  • daniel noe

    Colbert-Trump 2012!!!!!

  • Chris

    Regressives have no shame. They’ll dig down in their pants, pull up a handful of sh*t, look you right in the eye and tell you it’s chocolate.