They've given up completely
It’s all of 13 fucking seconds, and is preceded and proceeded by a whacky Jonathan Davis, Korn’s lead singer. Notice the dude uses the word “shit” three times…in just four seconds. That, alone, is impressive.

The song is called “Get Up,” and is the latest piece of Korn music since that last piece of repetitive shit they put out I don’t even know how long ago. And from the sounds of these 13 seconds, it’s going to be a real departure for Korn.

Before, I feel like Korn were actually putting a little effort into their music. They tried to make it commercially-viable, and they tried to make it mainstream. This snippet sounds like they’ve stopped trying. As though they just figured, “Fuck it — we can put anything out and still have people buy it.” Listen to the clip after the jump, and tell us what you think.

I mean, this just sounds like garbage…which wouldn’t be a departure for Korn.

Get Up by kornofficial. Uploaded with SoundCloud iPhone

  • Well, I don’t have much hope for anything good from these guys anymore, especially since I was really excited about the last album (until I listened to it). They made it sound like they went back to their original sound, even calling it Korn “3” (what, did they just expect us to forget that all the other albums existed?)

    I’d like to go off on a tangent, if I may. The state of metal music right now is horrendous. A lot of good popular bands have more or less gone “out of business”, and have complete lost the ability to give a fuck. Why should they? If they sell the same amount of records whether they work hard on it or not, why should it matter?

    Most of the problems with the genre stem from “hardcore metalheads” who say “That band is a SELL OUT” or “They’re NOT HEAVY ENOUGH” or “If you listen to them, then you’re a FAG.” Just look at Nu Metal, everyone liked it at one time. But now it’s been shunned. Why? Because it was profitable? Because you might see it on TV or hear it on the radio? Well, you motherfuckers got your wish, the metal scene is just how you wanted it, completely unknown and underground, the market is barren of metal music. Now everywhere you go, you get to hear nothing but Lady Gagme and Katy Perry.

    On a side note, in the video game “Sims 2”, it had a Metal channel as an option on the radio. Sims 3 no longer has a Metal channel. It was replaced by Indie Rock. I rest my case.

  • ChrisHarrisTubofLard

    Chris, you fat piece of shit! You could at least give the band a chance but instead you have to open that fat flabbing mouth of yours. I’m not liking this song either but jesus christ, just shut that fat fuck of a trap of yours! Stop acting like you ‘know’ music because you don’t! You shit on Korn but in all honesty, Korn has SLIGHTLY redeemed themselves with their last album, Korn III. If theres any nu-metal band that deserves to be shat on it is Disturbed – Draiman is clearly one of the worst vocalists in rock today; not to mention, hes boring as FUCK to watch on stage. I refuse to be bored with another Disturbed show – never again!

    • Anonymous

      Check out the rest of my site. I rip into Disturbed too.

      Oh and Korn suck.

  • Iv noticed the growing dubstep thing, and its sucking up all my buddies, its driving me fucking crazy, im down with combichrist and some stuff like wumpscut but man it all sounds the same with the WUUBWUUB’s and whatnot, but good post Chris.