Earth endures

Earth endures


I’ve watched several videos of the tsunami in Japan. The following is the most demonstrative of the inevitability of the event. The ocean just comes. Most disconcerting is the pace. It’s not a giant wave wiping everything out at once, it’s the ocean slowly and thoroughly claiming the land and everything on it.

  • Mike A.

    Wow. It’s hard to wrap your brain around what’s physically happening in this video. Very humbling.

  • gerryf

    Yes…well put. Your brain can work out a sudden calamity for some reason, but simply watching the slow march of that water, from inches to feet to fathoms while first small debris to cars boats and then buildings…it almost doesn’t seem real.

  • theWord

    There are some things you can do little to prepare for. The cars and even the buildings were like corks in a rapid stream. I was surprised that at some point the people on the hill were not panicking wondering if even there they were high enough.

  • Jane Cooper

    It’s just incredible what we can see on this video, i wish things like this wouldn’t happen in my neighborhood or even country, nowhere on the World!