More bodies found on Long Island

More bodies found on Long Island


I’m not sure what kind of national attention this story is getting, but it’s a pretty big local story.

The investigation into a suspected serial killer who may have preyed on prostitutes, dumping their bodies near beaches on Long Island, has spawned new warnings for sex workers who advertise online.

Seems to me like more compelling evidence for the legalization of prostitution. Theoretically, legalized prostitution, licensed and regulated, would provide income for the state and a safer environment for the prostitutes.

Win-win if you ask me.

  • Jane Cooper

    Girls, be careful you don’t have to be w**re to be killed by someone from web…

  • Mike A.

    This is getting fairly good coverage here in NJ. Surprised it hasn’t hit more nationally. As a father of two daughters, these events always cause some anxiety..

  • gerryf

    Your surprised a story about poor woman is not getting press?

    At the risk of turning this tragic story into another left vs right argument, the full scale assault on woman in general by the GOP is being completely ignored, why on earth would any one care about a handful of desperate women who have turned to prostitution get any attention.

    You want attention, wait until a wealthy attention seeking family sends their 16 year old daughter around the world on a yacht….(I am happy that young Abby Sunderland was OK…what the hell her parents were thinking when allowed their daughter to risk her life, I don’t know….)

  • kranky kritter

    I don’t get any sense that this story is being undercovered, That’s generally a foolish and pointless argument anyway, that some story isn’t getting the press it “deserves.” Especially in the absence of any object measuring device, which leads to everyone rushing in with their subjective opinions and pet axes to grind.

    I also don’t get any sense that Republicans have been prosecuting a “full scale war on women.” That sounds like empty hyperbole to me.

    I am heading down to the “palace of the king,” Freddie King’s Dallas, to visit recently-moved relatives. Any tips for must-see spots?

  • kranky kritter

    OPh, and on the nuts and bolts of this story? it involves prostitution, but such stories are not necessarily about prostitution per se. in general, such stories are about folks who fall through the cracks of our haphazard social safety nets and find themselves in a low and bad place without friends, family, and other social connections.

    The places where such people gravitate to (red light districts, crack houses, other run down areas) are hunting grounds for social predators. Their prey? People who have lost connections, have substance abuse problems, who may suffer from mental illness, and who have few if any tools to defend themselves.

    Popular mythology on serial killers often suggests that they seek glorification and want to be caught. Perhaps sometimes, but there must be some set of such sociopaths who want to keep on as they have been doing, and so carefully practice their craft for many years while leading a double life. Remember that these are folks who operate with all head and no heart. And if gifted with an organized and skilled intellect, they can get away with quite a bit so long as they stick to most impersonal parts of the world. That’s much easier to do than we’d like to think.

  • http:[email protected] michael mcEachran

    gerryf: “At the risk of turning this tragic story into another left vs right argument”

    Come on, gerry, that wasn’t a risk, that was your point. A wee bit disengenuous, no?

  • gerryf

    No, not looking for an argument….just making an observation.

  • Tully

    Surprised it hasn’t hit more nationally.

    Actually is getting a good bit of play in papers and on the net, if not on the shouting-head news channels. Been on the national news feeds since the first few bodies were found, and in the papers in my part of the country whenever there was a new development. Doesn’t get more in-depth play because it’s not local, and every place has its own things happening.

  • Nick Benjamin

    Doesn’t get more in-depth play because it’s not local, and every place has its own things happening.

    Also there’s other actual news going on. The government almost shut down, there’re dueling deficit reduction plans, the debt ceiling, Libya, etc.

    Natalee Hollaway got saturation coverage because there was drama (will she be found?), and nothing else was happening. In this case there just isn;t a compelling story yet.

  • Mary

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  • Mark

    Jacob: I agree with you – prostitution should be legalized. But our hypocritical politician prefer the status qou.

  • Joel

    I have to agree with kranky kritter. A story gets “press” depending on the market. If it is of interest, especially in this age of Facebook and retweets, compelling stories tend to have a life of their own.

    I’m not trying to downplay the tragedy of the girls involved, but I can’t hold them blameless for their choice of occupation and the risks involved. Not saying you deserve to be killed if you sell your body, just that it’s naive to assume you will be safe because you advertise on craigslist.