Trump Tied For First In CNN GOP Poll; Might Run As Indy

Trump Tied For First In CNN GOP Poll; Might Run As Indy


If this poll holds up, the GOP is truly lost. Especially after his birther nonsense.

From CNN:

Nineteen percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents questioned in the poll say that as of now, they’d be most likely to support Trump for next year’s GOP presidential nomination. Trump says he’ll decide by June whether he runs for the White House. An equal amount say they’d back Huckabee. The former Arkansas governor and 2008 Republican presidential candidate says he’ll decide by later this year if he’ll make another bid for the White House.

Twelve percent say they’d support former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, who was the party’s 2008 vice presidential nominee, with 11 percent backing former Massachusetts Gov. and 2008 White House hopeful Mitt Romney and the same amount supporting former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Seven percent say they are backing Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, another 2008 presidential candidate, with five percent supporting Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, who enjoys strong backing from many in the Tea Party movement. Everyone else registers in the low single digits.

So he’s getting some good publicity right now for his TV show, but is he serious?

Well, the following video makes it seem like he will, regardless of the outcome of the primaries.

And yet he still brings up the birther issue. Jeezus…

My initial advice to him still stands. He should run as an indy who is beholden to no party. After all, he has always branded himself as a maverick so an indy run fits perfectly into his personal narrative. But he’s letting his ego (shocker!) get in the way of common sense.

Or maybe he’s not. Maybe this is all just a ploy (likely) to get more people to watch a 7 year old TV show. That’s my gut on it.

Regardless, he’s definitely making things more interesting.

More as it develops.

  • Jane Cooper

    He has so strong brandname that he don’t need any party or anything, he has also enough money for campaign.

  • Mike A.

    If he runs, you can guarantee we’ll have

    The Amazing Race: Presidency

  • http:[email protected] michael mcEachran

    My mom (tea party-leaning, lightly tuned in, retiree) said to me months ago that she liked what Trump was saying and that she predicted he’ll get the nomination. I have been paying attention ever since, and it seems to me that his message is breaking through to a large chunk of Americans who have a pervasive scepticism of all things governement. The tea-party is largly anti-goverment, rather than pro-Republican, and they are looking for a leader who can both speak for them, and also potentially appeal to moderates (Palin can’t for instance). I think this is giving him a lot of traction. I’m starting the think the birther thing won’t hurt him in the long run. It gave him the attention from the tea-partiers he craved, and he’ll abandon it when it no longer serves him. If he can deliver in the debates (which I think he has a good chance of doing – since understanding TV is a big part of it- i.e., Reagan and Kennedy), I think he has a real chance. Crazy, but it is America after all. Reagan, Ventura, why not The Donald?

  • gerryf

    God help us…

  • Tully

    The only thing indie candidacies do is help elect the weaker frontrunner, by coopting the rhetoric of the stronger.

    I have it on good authority that Trump’s hair cannot produce a certificate of live birth from any of the 57 states. Hypocrite.

    Addendum: I wouldn’t take any of the polls too seriously at this point. At least 20% of Republicans would favor a damp rock if it was in the news and associated with the right pronouncements.

  • kabster

    CNN is a sham.
    Ron Paul is a far better candidate and has a voting record to prove it.

  • Mike A.

    You know, I was actually serious when I said Trump would make running for the president a reality show. It’s not THAT crazy, considering what whets the public’s appetite in this country.

  • kranky kritter

    Trump is in no way up to the job of being President. Perhaps he thinks he’s running to be elected tyrant instead?

    As Tully suggests, he’s DQ on his hair alone. That he’s making more “serious” maneuvers towards a run only shows that he’s been offended by folks’ failure to take him seriously. He was shopping for an ego stroke and got the cold shoulder. Now he’s offended, and thinks he needs to run for the country’s sake? Give me a break.

    The answer is simply no. No further consideration, no deeper look. Just no.

  • Nick Benjamin

    The problem is that everybody treats the President like he’s a tyrant. In terms of foreign affairs, and where to send troops, he is basically a tyrant. The whole point of scrapping the Articles of Confederation in favor of the Constitution was that without a tyrant on those issues we were screwed.

    But on other issues he’s just not that powerful. Everybody pretends he is. For example the whole controversy over Ryan’s budget. The media demanded a guy who can’t even submit bills to Congress respond.

    What the President has on domestic issues is influence, not power. And guys like Trump just don’t understand that you have to walk really carefully when you’ve only got influence.

  • Helen Parker

    I have to agree with Jane – a brand name and much money are more than enough to provide a necessary number of votes.