Pete would be ashamed

Pete would be ashamed
I mean, look at that shirt design! That’s it…that picture is what the shirt actually looks like. What is that? Who designed this fucking thing? I’ve seen better art on Type O Negative fan pages. I mean, what kind of a tribute is that?

My niece could’ve come up with something that looked better than this. I feel bad for Pete. The Dio and Dimebag shirts are, like, a thousand times better than this.

Ugh. This thing is official too — the “official Peter Steele limited-edition memorial shirt, which you can pre-order here.

I just can’t believe anyone would want to wear this shirt in public. You know what would be a more fitting “memorial shirt” to wear — one that would perhaps be more respecting of the whole situation? A Type O Negative shirt. But what do I know?

Where is the money from the shirt going? Well, according to Steele’s family, who endorsed that monstrosity, “Proceeds will be used to offset all legal fees and expenses related to Peter Steele Ratajczyk.”

Last week marked one year since Steele died from heart failure at the age of 48.

  • Cathy Ratajczyk

    Thank you for your unkind comments in light of my brothers one year anniversary.
    This is Peter’s family writing to you. If you do not like the shirt then don’t buy it, or wear it, remove it from this page. Or if you have a better idea, please forward it to blog fortheloveof or look us up on facebook.

    • Semjase

      Hi Cathy. Just ignore the comments here. I’d like to share a story about your brother. Please send me an e-mail to – from there I can give you my personal # or vice a versa.

      Ron S.
      Portland, OR

  • CathyRatajczyk

    Don’t wear it then…

  • It’s a nice thought, and I was psyched when I heard about the shirt. But I do agree that it didn’t fare well in actual production. I love ToN, I’ve seen them live, I have all their albums, and I own some merch myself (from seeing them live), but I couldn’t really see this being a good idea.

  • Holly

    To the Ratajczyk family:

    First and foremost I would like to express my deepest sympathies. As a fan of Type O Negative’s for over half of my life and since the first moment I heard Bloody Kisses at the time it was released, I can honestly say that Peter’s music touched my life in ways that no other band has before or probably ever will. This is probably true for most fans of Type O Negative as well. Also, I personally understand the need to help raise money to support your family’s financial responsibilities to Peter’s estate and agree that a memorial shirt is a wonderful way to do so. However, I respectfully disagree with the artwork chosen for this purpose. The larger image used, while a great image in it’s original form, does not translate well to the shirt. It’s pixilation is very unflattering. I personally feel that a fan designed piece would be much more befitting in remembrance of Peter by his fans. Of course I realize that there may be copy write issues involved in choosing images, but I am posting a link from TON’s facebook page to show as an example of some of the wonderful memorial images created by fans. Please take the time to look through the album and I think that you will find the same comfort and appreciation for them that I have. I also hope that this will help to illustrate a much better approach to the design of this shirt. This particular image is one that has stuck with me since Peter’s passing last year and has always invoked a feeling of loving remembrance of Peter.!/photo.php?fbid=1400405325497&set=o.41443417390&type=1&theater



    Note: I tried to post this to the family’s blogspot but was unable to do so.

  • Type-o-negative

    You guys, I am sure Pete wouldn’t be embarrassed, haha, I am sure I don’t need to remind you of the lovely vertical crack photo Pete happily posed for hahaha, if that didn’t embarrass him, nothing will.  😉 And I love this shirt, I am really happy about the initiative, so thank you Cathy and family Ratajczyk.


  • It’s been almost 3 years – and this comment still pisses me off. It was printed by the family for God’s sake. Fan artwork is wonderful. But Cathy worked hard to get this to us fans. I am GRATEFUL for mine. Me and my husband wear this CONSTANTLY. RIP Peter. You WILL NEVER be forgotten.