Norma Jean
So, here’s a show that The Goat will probably end up missing when it comes through New York.

The lineup for the Scream The Prayer IV tour has leaked, and it’s a virtual cornucopia of Christian metal’s elite. Look for the tour’s dates to soon leak as well.

Regardless, it is believed that the tour will be a summer trek…perhaps to counter the dark side that is Summer Slaughter.

This year’s lineup boasts some bands I didn’t even know where Christian, like Texas In July and Sleeping Giant. Then there’s Norma Jean, who — admittedly — I was down with a few albums ago, and The Chariot. Who else is on the bill? After the jump, ye shall find out.

The entire Scream The Prayer IV Bill, in it’s entirety:
As Hell Retreats
Close Your Eyes
I The Breather
Norma Jean
Sleeping Giant
Sovereign Strength
Texas In July
The Chariot
The Great Commission
War of Ages

  • Xander

    Dear God (pardon the pun), I’ll run from this tour like the fucking plague… I liked Sleeping Giant until I found out they were Christian… It broke my heart to delete everything they had so that I could keep my black/death metal conscience clean.

    • joseyeah

      Wow. If you were to take the time to listen to Sleeping Giants lyrics, you would have realized they were Christian within the first two seconds. And don’t act all high and mighty because you don’t like Christian metal. There are plenty of people out there who still listen to Christian metal but aren’t Christian.

    • LuisCypher73

      You’re a lib -a coward, born without anyone who would care about you, and a potential aids victim. GL with that! PRAISE JESUS