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That sounds pretty definitive, no? Slipknot will carry on “with or without” Corey Taylor, says Joey Jordison in an interview with Artisan News Service. Joey made his comments last week, at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards.

His comments come after Taylor’s recent remarks that he doesn’t see much of a future for the band without dead bassist Paul Gray.

“As far as I’m concerned, Slipknot’s my baby and I have a bunch of [new] songs written,” says Jordison. “And I’m in rehearsal right now with all the guys and it’s completely on fire. Donnie [Steele, a guitarist from an early lineup of Slipknot who will act as the band’s touring bassist for the upcoming shows, is] doing a great job. And as far as Slipknot’s concerned, it’ll always exist — with [Corey] or without him. So that’s it.”

Damn. Something tells me Joey and Corey aren’t so tight anymore. Something also tells me that Joey knows that once Slipknot goes, that lifestyle of his will be somewhat restricted. I bet you Corey doesn’t return, and that the band carries on. But that’s just a guess by me. or maybe wishful thinking. Actually, wishful thinking would be Slipknot dissolving completely.

  • Wow…I’d say that’s surprising, but it really isn’t by now. Maybe a few year ago it would have been. But the way they’ve contradicted each other in interviews lately, it seemed like things were only going to get worse. My opinion? Without Corey, they might as well drop the whole Slipknot thing, and start fresh. Forget about the masks, or reassigning “numbers” to new members, lose all the extra drummers and samplers (get it down to 5 or 6 total members), and come up with a new name. Unfortunately, it’s looking like “All Hope is Gone” for Slipknot…sorry, I had to throw that in there.

  • Xander

    I think that Slipknot dies when Corey leaves, seriously. He’s the most well known member, and gives the band a personality. If/when Corey leaves, Slipknot will crash and burn, just wait and see. Joey’s letting his ego get to his head, and won’t respect that Corey needs time to mourn. Besides, Corey has Stone Sour – A project that I loathe, but he’s busy with that at the moment. Honestly, Joey needs to put his attention into Murderdolls, and leave Slipknot the fuck alone for now.

  • Doobstik

    “Actually, wishful thinking would be Slipknot dissolving completely.”

    Care to expand on this thought?

  • JoKeR

    why does he have no eyebrows???