Nachtmystium Working On New Material

Nachtmystium Working On New Material


Mother of fuck! Nachtmystium have begun the process…the record creating process. They’ve started writing new material for their next album and I am super excited. I fucking love this band. You should too.

“The new record will have a very strong industrial influence in the vein of later-era Ministry, Revolting Cocks and Nine Inch Nails, but also a strong, depressive, old-school black metal influence,” explains frontman and guitarist Blake Judd.

Now that sounds interesting. As a metal fan, I still appreciate the genius of Nine Inch Nails, and I was a big Ministry fan back in the diz-zay. I even own some Revolting Cocks records. So, I’m interested to hear what Nachtmystium comes up with.

Meanwhile, according to a press release, some of the band’s members have been busying themselves with separate projects. Judd is slated to appear on Von bassist Venien‘s Von Venien project, which will soon release a 12-inch single.

A Nachtmystium and Von split — featuring new material as well as Nachtmystium covering Von, which sounds like it could be fucking glorious — is also in the cards.

The band’s also got some local shows scheduled…and by local, I mean local to their native Chicago. Here are those dates.

5/6: Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge (w/ Lord Mantis, Defcon)

6/11: Chicago, IL @ Alehorn Of Power Festival

7/23: Urbana, IL @ Central Illinois Metalfest

8/12: Schlotheim, GER @ Flugplatz Obermehler (@ Party San Festival)

  • Xander

    Sounds like Aborym. Should be interesting.