Attila Csihar
So, according to Terrorizer magazine, legendary metal act Mayhem recently brought human remains with them to France that the decorated the stage with for their recent set at Hellfest.

“They were all human remains — skulls and bones — on the stage of Mayhem’s ‘Liberation By Evil’ performance at Hellfest,” said frontman Attila Csihar. “It was [done] for spiritual reasons, not for sensation.”

No. Nothing Mayhem’s ever done was for sensation.

“To stand and sing from the ‘Altar Of Death’ in front of 8,000 people at Hellfest was extreme and important both artistically and personally — that feeling is just indescribable,” he said. “I am not sure if it’s the best idea to say officially that we used real human bones on our performance. However, it is the simple truth. We are Mayhem and I am Attila, I always say the truth, nothing more and nothing less.”

I wonder how they got the human bones. That’s kind of an important question, no? I mean, something tells me Attila’s going to be getting a phone call from some manner of authorities. That’s nuts.

  • Xander

    Um… Ew?

  • Luke chaston

    Jesus, first we had animal cruelty on stage and now…this? Seems like their trying to take it (the shock factor) to a whole new level…

  • Fourjesters

    Look up “human bones” on E-bay. It is amazing how many real human skulls and bones you can buy!

  • Venger

    Note to band: If your music sucks so bad you need to resort to theatrics to draw attention, take up art and drop music.

  • SkinLikeWinter

    haha apparently you guys don’t know Mayhem. This is the same band that took a picture of their vocalists body, after he commit suicide by slitting his wrists and shooting himself in the head with a shotgun… and then took that picture and made it their album cover in 1995 for their live bootleg “Dawn of the Black Hearts”.

    • Anonymous

      What, do you think we’re fucking posers? Yes, yes — that’s old news dude. I
      own that record. What is weird is that they can get human bones. In most
      countries (America, included) it’s illegal to sell body parts. That’s all.
      At GSA, we are fully aware of Mayhem. One of the greatest bands ever.