Mutiny Within
Late last month, Chris Clancy revealed that Mutiny Within had been dropped by Roadrunner Records and that he was out of the band.

I noted at the time that it was probably a good idea on his part to give up. The band, however, is not giving up, which is probably not the best idea.

I mean, at this point, I’m not even sure eOne would sign Mutiny Within so, I’m not really sure what the point is, but the band insists on keeping on.
Mutiny Within has been finding new members, to replace everyone who bailed. Now, they’re onto the vacant lead singer spot.

They ask that anyone who might want to audition for a chance to front a band no one cares about email them at

Let’s see if the second time’s the charm. I have found that if it doesn’t succeed the first go-round, it won’t the second stab.

  • Ran Man

    Just because Chris Harris doensn’t care about them doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t. I diddn’t “get” this band either until I saw them open for Dark Trangquillity and they blew my mind. I also met them all and understood what they were all about. I really dug it.
    That being said I do agree with some of the points you made. Maybe they were signed too early, Maybe Roadrunner fucked them over. Should the band continue without Roadrunner hell yes. Should the band continue without Chris Clancy I’m not so sure about.
    Weather you like him/them or not Chris Clancy is pure talent. Big shoes to fill. Big enough that the remaining members might be better off starting something completely new… But I have been suprised before.