Keith Caputo
I only ask after reading an item on ThePRP about some rumored Life of Agony reunion shows overseas that will reportedly be the band’s last. And it seems that Keith Caputo’s taking a rather drastic measure. Or has.

“The performances may be particularly eye opening for fans who haven’t kept up with the group as of late, as frontman (now frontwoman?) Keith Caputo has allegedly undergone gender reassignment,” says ThePRP.

Wait, what?

I always knew Keith was short, and I always thought maybe he was more effeminate than most dudes I know. But is the lead singer of Life Of Agony really gonna cut his cock off?

I hope not. Once you cut a cock off, it’s hard to sew it back on.

When asked by a fan on Twitter about his status with L.O.A., Caputo responded, “LOA has already gone in2 isolation & it’s got nothin 2 do w me transitioning [to a woman]. my boys love me regardless of my life choices!”

That picture, and the fact that Keith’s Web site refers to him as “Keith Mina,” means this is true. I’m shocked. Fuck. Wow. Gives a whole new meaning to the band’s music now. River runs red, indeed. I mean, who ever thought they’d see this day? I figured I’d see a “Lemmy To Move To International Space Station” headline before ever reading about Keith Caputo cutting his cock off.

Either way, he is one ugly woman.

UPDATE: Readers have alerted us to a new Twitter post from Keith that reads, “Male to female transsexuals like me are the women who give up male privilege for femininity! Threaten the patriarchy!” And, in a recent interview, Keith reportedly said, “I’m not living life as a man anymore and stuff. So, yeah, my life is completely different, but music will always be… music is definitely my driving force.”

  • Andy Synn

    If true, good for her.

  • Zeenakoda

    i love this man. i love that he is totally comfortable with himself, mad props to that

  • Alex

    Chris Harris, you’re a f*ckin’ choad. 

  • misfit138

    so sad. but lost major interest with every album released. they were the best hardcore band around and now what. guess ill go pick up a new york dolls album now.

  • misfit138

    so sad. but lost major interest with every album released. they were the best hardcore band around and now what. guess ill go pick up a new york dolls album now.

  • Mediocre

    Chris Harris should concentrate his efforts at becoming a stronger, more educated writer instead of puking out transphobic garbage.  There was a better way to do this and still have a little bit of humor. 

  • Ran Man

    Everyone else said it better than I could. Huge props to those.

  • TheeGoat

    She is beautiful you ignorant fucking hatemonger, Harris!

  • Yes, He is an ugly Woman, I dont get it…….LOA Frontman is a woman now????? Is he out of mind???? 

    • Anonymous


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    • Perry

      KAYSERS —  You might living in the real world….

  • SylvieCurie

    This dude has far greater issues than his need to change gender, and what’s more, the operation is only cosmetic.  It will not make him a her, and being a woman is not an end unto itself.  Better for him that he just settle for another ugly tatoo.

    • Anonymous

      He is living as a woman & said that he is NOT getting surgery of any kind.

  • grutzius

    The price he will pay for making this drastic change will be his career!  Wonder why a man at his age would make a selfish decision to change everything he has worked so hard for to become what clearly he is not!  Weigh the the differences and consider the sacrifices I say.  But ultimately to each his own.  PS Think about it what is he going to do have his change and settle down and get married and be a house wife?  Good Grief!  And good luck, a women at 37 isn’t prime time for a women to start a whole new life.

  • Perry

    CONGRATULATIONS, Keith.  What is your new name?

  • Celticyodels

    Props for her. Best of luck in the transition and may her life be filled with understanding people and keep the judgmental pricks away 🙂

    • Anonymous


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  • Skyviewlove

    If that is what one feels inside, show it on the outside. 

  • Real Tough Guy

    God damn thats fucked up

    Keith Mina…

    Ugly as fuckTranny fgt

  • Jaadfjajd

    37 yrs to realize u like sausage and want yours cutoff? i guess he doesnt believe in god.

    • Anonymous

      You are an idiot. Who said he’s gay? Who said he’s getting anything cut off? People jump to conclusions without asking the person. He’s right on twitter to ask all your questions to.

      What does belief in god have to do with someone embracing who they are? Is he supposed to live a lie for the rest of his life because some jackass who doesn’t have the guts to comment with his real name doesn’t approve? I guarantee that there’s a boatload of stuff in your life that God wouldn’t approve of.

      Its not like its going to change his singing or anything. Besides he has been wearing femme clothes since the 90s. Hell, David Bowie made a career out of dressing feminine & Lou Reed used to date transsexuals in the 70s. Rob Halford is openly gay & that doesn’t change his voice or performances. Remember Keith NEVER said he was gay. To some people they just feel more comfortable dressing & living as a woman. And surprisingly some of those people then classify themselves as lesbians.

      Look at it this way, a man dressing as a woman is probably going to get you harassed, threatened with violence or have violence perpetrated against you. You have to be pretty tough to live like that knowing that hatred and violence are heading your way all because someone doesn’t like what you do in the privacy of your home. I’ve seen transgenders walking in the streets of NYC & South NJ that would beat the hell out of any man. I’ve also seen some on true crime shows on TV that would filet anyone who looked at them funny.

  • This article drips ignorance from every orifice.

  • Who’s Chris Harris? Caputo will forget more than you’ll ever know. The only thing “ugly” here is your writing, and it’s published here on this site. That’s UGLY. Doesn’t believe in god? Maybe you should smoke some DMT and you’ll go to the REAL church, the Church of Nature & The Universe, and you’ll see what the real god is. “God” is CONSCIOUSNESS. That’s why BEHAVIOR is important. And hating other human beings for being their TRUE self is lowly. Thumbs DOWN to Chris Harris and the naysayers. What about me, am I “ugly”, too? No, I’m not, because I am NOT a disconnected human, like Chris Harris and the ignorant folks below. Get re-connected folks, because if you’re still thinking the same way you did 10,20,30+ years ago…hate to break it to ya, but you’re operating on an obsolete framework. Time to upgrade your brain’s Operating System, losers. Thank you, Mina! #INSPIRATION

  • Fuck

    he said that he is keeping is cock. why the fuck  are you telling he´s cutting it off… idiot