The Sick Cost of Medical Paperwork (Infographic)

The Sick Cost of Medical Paperwork (Infographic)


Medical Paperwork Cartoon

Medical Paperwork is something that not a lot of people really talk about, nor research all that much. It doesn’t surface as something that seems like it would be an issue as large as it is, but if there’s one thing Americans agree on, it’s that the cost of health care is absurd. Medical costs in the US are way higher than any other industrialized nation, and health care reform hasn’t been able to cut them down quite yet.

This infographic by medical transcription pinpoints where a lot of costs seem to go:

$400 billion on paperwork and administrative costs per year
Doctors typically spend 12 cents of every dollar covering administrative costs
$7 billion is wasted due to a complicated medical billing system
$12 billion wasted on communication inefficiencies

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Medical Paperwork
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  • Eva

    Thank you so much for this post… YES I AM SICK OF IT! I have been learning more and more about this subject and it just sickens me. What great graphics! I think they say it all!

  • Peter

    Look at it from the bright side. There is a lot of room to become more efficient. If it ever happens…

  • Nathan

    What a profound infographic!

    Several colleagues & I donated 40 hours this weekend during in the Health Tech Startup in Philadelphia to test a better alternative. What if you *never had to complete another form again*? We developed a way to use smartphone technology to keep your forms and your primary care provider updated.

    More information about the launch is available on this site.