Did You See The Fox News Republican Debate Last Night?

Did You See The Fox News Republican Debate Last Night?


No, neither did I…but I did watch it online thanks to the YouTubes…

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If Repubs want to win, they’ll take a hard look at Jon Huntsman. Romney has a decent shot too. Everybody else just don’t have it. And I think Rick Perry is done before he’s started.

By the way Pawlenty had some good zingers on Romney (and Bachmann), but he just doesn’t have it. Maybe a VP. Maybe.

And, for the record, Michelle Bachmann is such a bad idea. I don’t usually say that about many people, but when you make Herman Cain seem steady and balanced…you’ve got an image problem.

Last, I do have to commend Chris Wallace. He really took these candidates to task.

Your thoughts?

  • gerryf

    All I had to do is watch this “debate” and I am more convinced than ever the GOP is gone bat crap crazy. Seriously, I am so disappointed in Obama that all it would take is a half reasonable Republican and I could be persuaded to vote for him or her.

    But these people–geez, I cannot conceive of any of them sitting in the Oval office.

    Romney is closest to normal but he is so busy running away from his own record I’m worried he is going to lose himself.

    Pawlenty….was he always this stupid and we just didn’t notice?

    Bachman might have looked crazy on the Newsweek cover, but she looked crazier than that here; Ron Paul almost looked sane by comparison.

    I just cannot get past Santorum’s google problem….I just crack up every time they show him.

    Herman Cain is crazy.

    Huntsman seemed like a rational candidate, but Fox all but ignored him during the debate preferring to focus on the bat crap crazy contingent.

  • rachel

    Huntsman is the only one of these people I’d consider voting for, but there’s no way he’s getting the nomination. :(

  • Al

    If the GOP was smart they should rally around Jon Huntsman but sadly they don’t want Moderates in their party. Justin I wouldn’t count Rick Perry out just yet because he will be a huge factor in the Primaries and in the General elections even-though I would never vote for him.

  • Jacob

    I would like to propose a new film centered around Beaver Cleaver as an adult. Jerry Mathers, obviously, can not play the Beav. This Brett fellow, however, fits the bill perfectly.

    What a colossal farce. We (America) are not even trying anymore.

    I think Newt looked good. He’s smart and has experience and it showed. I’d forgotten how charming he can be too.

    When Romney wasn’t pandering (or tripping over past-Mitt) he looked competent.

    Bachman and Pawlenty … seriously? What a couple of douchebags.

    Ron Paul looked old and confused. He clearly needs time to think before he speaks (foolish old man can’t spit out rote talking points on command!) and didn’t do well with the format.

    Herman Cain is pretty slick – he came off pretty well.

    I, too, kept thinking of frothy lube cocktails until Santorum started talking about “a country of morals and values” and fighting to impose Christian Sharia law upon us all – then I remembered how much I dislike the man behind the mixture.

    Poor Huntsman – he doesn’t deserve to be subjected to this.

    Can we just have a Huntsman/Obama debate right now? I wish the sanity elf could show up at GOP headquarters and explain that Fox News does not care about them or America and this “debatin’ with the stars”, reality gameshow (complete with buzzer) is a waste of everyone’s time.

  • kranky kritter

    I’d have to watch this to have an opinion . . . So I don’t.

    I find your view of Perry off, no to mentio odd, given the polls.

  • gerryf

    Perry is the new hotness and gets a bump purely on the point that he is not one of the other candidates. Reminds me a Fred Thompson with “christian” bonafides….

    That alone probably makes him presidental timbre in the eyes of today’s bat crap crazy GOP.

    Then you have:

    his desire for Texas sesccesion;

    his “where the heck is the governor while Texas is burning, oh yeah, having a picnic with billionaires” ;

    his gift to his lobbyist former boy-toy former chief of staff when he mandated (but not really mandated, I just said mandated because it was voluntary) vacinations for all 6th grade girls against a sexually transmitted disease; and

    his heavy handed rails and toll road program (a project that was granted to Mexicans, by God!) that was so ill-conceived it even ticked off his own state.

    Add to that the fact that he has managed to run up a $27 billion deficit, is laying off teachers by the boatloads and hsi main claim to fame is he generating boat loads of jobs — all minimum wage jobs–and he is surely the candidate of choice.

  • kranky kritter

    I don’t support Perry. Not even a bit. And I give absolutely no credence to the claim that Perry has stated a personal desire that Texas ought to secede.

    It’s predictable that parts of the left will rely on their usual ineffective tactics of exaggerating minor incidents in an attempt to make their hate-idol look terrible. And that they’ll mistakenly presume that they can minimize that candidate’s strongest selling point via exaggerated claims.

    The problem with these sorts of arguments is that they are very compelling to folks who would never vote for a guy like Perry in a million years. And they are routinely disregarded as biased exaggerations by everyone else. For example, as long as the left critique leads with the silly secession exaggeration, anyone who looks into and gets the actual story will immediately dismiss the critique in its entirety.

    Perry is going to score pretty big points by talking about the fact that the employment picture is better in Texas than the rest of the country. Whether he deserves credit or not. It’s a substantively true tale in its broad strokes, and many folks won’t belabor details about the quality of those jobs.

    It is of course important that folks become aware of the fact that many of those jobs aren’t great jobs. But #1, saying that “they’re all minimum wage jobs” is another one of those dismissable exaggerations. And number two, there are a substantial number of households that would be grateful for a job that would bring home $200 or $300 a week to help them stay afloat, but can’t find one where they are. Not to mention the folks who are already holding such jobs, and don’t like being insulted by classic limousine liberal platitudes that showcase how out of touch they are with regular folks.

    I hope I’m not making your head explode here, Gerry. I have to presume that you seem pretty convinced that these sorts of kitchen sink arguments are persuasive outside the partisan circles where they originate and then grow as a lengthy litany. IMO, they serve as entertaining rallying calls within partisan circles, and fall flat outside the hothouse. My mileage is that they are much more effective when the list is whittles down to the 2 or 3 most substantive critiques and voiced in ways that are supportable by the facts.

    the biggest problem with the texas jobs meme is that every critique of it gives Perry another chance to talk about it. But liberals are going to feel like complete a-holes every time Perry says something like “it must be nice to be able to make fun of minimum wage jobs, ” then talks about some family that lost a pretty good jof and now is carefully and barely making ends meet with 2 or 3 minimum wage jobs. This is a really bad emotional environment for democrats to be disparaging in the face of stories about determined survival and making ends meet. Not saying the case can’ t be made, but it’s playing with fire.

  • Larry

    Huntsman is going nowhere. Bachmann, Cain, Perry, Palin, Santorum, Perry..all are to far to the right imo and quite frankly I don’t think most of them are capable of running this country. We’ve got one of those in the WH already..do we need another 4 rudderless years?

    I do like Paul but he gets marginalized at every turn so no real shot at getting elected. That leaves Mitt. I can see him as President but have doubts that he can pull the votes in the end.

    When GB was up for re-election and the Dems couldn’t field a candidate that could beat him I found that laughable. Now the Repubs are looking like they are about to make the same mistake.

  • Tillyosu

    Perry is going to score pretty big points by talking about the fact that the employment picture is better in Texas than the rest of the country. Whether he deserves credit or not.

    I find it interesting that the same liberals who are making the claim that Perry didn’t have anything to do with job creation in Texas widely give Clinton credit for job creation during his administration…and I would challenge them to point to one Clinton policy that facilitated that job creation.

  • mdgeorge

    I agree with the majority here that these candidates are insane. I disagree that this means they can’t be elected. I just remind you that W got a second term. After that I will never rely on the electorate to take “batshit insane” as a disqualification.

  • kranky kritter

    I for one am fine with giving virtually no credit whatsoever for jobs creation to Bill Clinton or Rick Perry.

    The best data and explanations I have seen suggest that Texas really has managed to avoid suffering badly during the recent recession, probably in large part because they didn’t have a big real estate bubble popping locally.

    Its economy has managed to continue to create lots of new jobs, way more than any other state. Texas’s high unemployment rate seems attributable to continued strong migration into the state. There is something of a chicken-egg argument in the relationship between jobs and migration, but I lean towards thinking unemployed folks have been following good news to Texas.

    That says nothing at all to me about Rick Perry as governor. No one has pointed out to me any specific policy changes he has enacted that would account for his state’s outlier job growth.