Gallup: Rick Perry Leads GOP Frontrunners

Gallup: Rick Perry Leads GOP Frontrunners


Apparently people are kind of tired of Mitt Romney.

The graph…

That’s an notable swing and it suggests that Perry is really making waves with diehard conservatives.

Another notable trend…Ron Paul’s support continues to grow…and outpaces Bachmann’s.

So it sees like the GOP nomination is between a few players. Romney, Perry, Paul and Bachmann. Perhaps Romney will cozy up to Paul to pull in those frustrated Repubs who believe in “liberty” and want to make a difference? Or he’ll just let Perry implode on his own rhetoric.

Still, I wouldn’t want to be Mitt right now. Few are excited about what he has to say. My advice…get out there and start talking about what you would do for the country. Take media cycle after media cycle from Perry. And do it soon.

Your thoughts?

  • kranky kritter

    I called this, what? 2 months ago? Even longer if you count my “governor to be named later” prediction. Romney’s support has been tepid and unenthusiastic from the get-go, and so many of you guys kept saying Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney, minimizing obvious warts.

    Romney has never at any point managed to make the sale with the hardcore righties. And that’s who’s running the show right now. But I would not entirely count Romney out. Perry’s a loose cannon. Romney could maybe outpoise him. It’s a marathon, we’ll see how Perry wears on the broad public. I find him parochial and think his upside may be limited. But I’m a bad judge of that, because I just don’t like him.

    Time will tell whether his appeal is really broad enough for him to become POTUS. I know what current polls say, but what will they say after the public has really had a chance to get to know him?

  • Centerist Cynic

    I think Perry is 2012s Palin. The more that comes out about him, the more he will appeal to the far right and concern Republican and independent moderates.

    Romney’s best hope is to let Huntsman take on Perry and hope Huntsman doesn’t catch fire in the process.

    It is too early for detailed policy proposals. To get Romney through the primaries they would have to lean far to the right. That would hurt him in the general.

  • michael mcEachran

    It seems like the only GOP candidate who benefits from being heard actually talking in public is Huntsman (who doesn’t have a chance). The rest seem to do better simply by standing there appearing vaguely like former GOP heroes – Mitt and Perry like Reagan, Bachman like Palin about the time of Palin’s convention speech. Darn it all, though, when they talk, they ruin it.

  • mw

    I don’t put much stock in this. I fully expect Perry to empty his revolver shooting himself in the foot, reload, and then empty it again shooting himself in the other foot.

    How many of these “new” or “maybe I will maybe I won’t” GOP presidential wannabes have we seen trumpeted as front-runners already? Remember Trump? Bachmann had her moment in the sun, Now Perry. Romney seems to pop back into the front runner spot as soon as the latest media infatuation fades. I think even Palin was on top of the polls early in the process. It means nothing right now.

    I like Huntsman but don’t hold out a lot of hope for him. Romney is still the most likely nominee. There is still a very good chance that the eventual Republican nominee is not yet in the mix. I think I saw some speculation that Patacki was considering jumping in. If he does – he could very well pull it off. At least he would be the next one to jump to the front of the pack.

  • kranky kritter


  • kranky kritter

    How many of these “new” or “maybe I will maybe I won’t” GOP presidential wannabes have we seen trumpeted as front-runners already? Remember Trump? Bachmann had her moment in the sun, Now Perry.

    • I dismissed Palin, was met with a lot of initial opposition, and was proven right.

    • I dismissed Trump, was met with a lot of initial opposition, and was proven right.

    • I dismissed Bachman, and believe I’m close to being proven right.

    I’m not dismissing Perry. I think the folks underestimating him now are making a big mistake. This is in part based on my visceral reaction that he felt like just the sort of candidate the right wants, and that includes more folks in the middle of the GOP.

    Oyerlaying that visceral reaction is some reasonable analysis. My sense of Perry is that he’s got mad skill at pandering to the farther right, along with substantial charm. This is causing many folks to miss the fact that when you look at his actions instead of at what he says, his record is just dreamy in the eyes of the middle of the pro-business GOP. And the part of the GOP that is strongly pro-business could not give a crap about what candidates say on social issues.

    That makes Perry the horse of the pro-business GOP, because he has the pandery chops to pass through the angry socon gauntlet and then deliver the pro-business goods.

    Of course, I won’t dismiss the possibility that Perry, as a clear loose cannon, sinks his candidacy himself. That’s the biggest threat to his success. i continue to think that whatever grossly exagerrated anti-Perry litany the left crafts, it’s going to take a form that many independents will largely dismiss. Independents like to take their own measure of a candidate, using their own criteria and rubrics. Every exaggeration the left makes is going t lead to more independents tuning out their message as whole. Almost out of spite.

    For any case against Perry to be persuasive, it’s going to have to be a lot more sensible and a lot less hyperbolic than what I’ve been seeing. And at this point, I don’t think that a single member of the left or even a single left-leaning centrist really gets this.

  • michael mcEachran

    If hyperbole will help him get nominated then he’s a fascist martian vampire with an IQ of 25.

  • SteveRoberts

    This is shaping up to be an interesting race. Though it’s still early … have to remember what happened last time, Rudy Giuliani took an early lead only to crash out of the race.

  • Blackie

    Well, this comments section is completely on form. Of the candidates mentioned in the blog entry, Ron Paul is completely dismissed. I’m not a Paulite, but the way the guy gets treated (not least of all by his own party and Fox) is inexcusable. Like Bachmann deserves to be taken at all seriously when breathing the same debate dais air as him?

    captcha: Interfero

  • cranky critter

    blackie, we’ve discussed this in other threads. I and some others agree it’s not fair or right, but it seems to be, nevertheless.

    Now, at the moment the dominant media vibe seems to be to make the race Perry-Romney. Perry is singing Blue Bayou at Romney, who feels so sad he’s got a worried mind. And he’s rendered Bachman an instant also ran IMO. This is known as a silver lining, right?

    But will it really boil down to Perry and Romney to the exclusion of anyone else making noise? I’ve said all along Palin wouldn’t run. But now I’m wondering whether what I’ve really been perceiving is that she doesn’t want to and know she shouldn’t, because if she did, she’d be exposed as weak and superficial (to any folks remaining in the dark). But she seems to be facing the fact that if she doesn’t get in, she will soon have no juice. Her meter’s running. Sooner or later it will run out and she’ll diminish in stature to a minor quixotic gadfly, but she could be disruptive over the short term if she jumps in.

    To my knowledge Paul is now running 3rd, and Romney is closer to Paul than to Perry. If it whittles down to Paul, Perry, and Romney and Paul is in the low to mid teens, that makes him a player. Or it would, if Paul decided to play politics instead of sticking to his script. I don’t agree with Paul about lots of things, but his genuine commitment to his views and lack of interest in being a broker is worth admiration, IMO.

    Then, there’s the small possibility that Huntsman hangs around and gets a token seat at the finalists table as the only candidate with any name recognition who can plausibly claim to represent the views of moderate conservatives.

  • I Vote Ron Paul

    Ron Paul’s numbers are swelling, and judging by the post debate poll where Ron Paul won with 57% of out of 200,000 votes. The people don’t want a politician. They want a leader who will do what they say once elected.

    Bring our Troops home! Have Sound Money! Get Big Government out of your Life. Take some PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!