She don't dig the As I Lay Dying

She don't dig the As I Lay Dying
Yes, that’s the good word from The-still-trying-to-be-funny-PRP, folks.

That site claims As I Lay Dying will head out on tour in late November with Sylosis and a bunch of other bullshit bands. They also have an album of rarities and new songs called Decas coming out soon, according to the band’s publicist.

Those bands include Of Mice and Men, The Ghost Inside, and The Band That Shall Never Be Mentioned On Gun Shy Assassin again.

Specific dates and venues have not been announced, but the tour is expected to run through December 16.

Sylosis is cool. As I Lay Dying’s first album fucking destroyed. This could be a cool tour. But I’d probably have to beat up one of the dudes from that band we don’t mention on GSA — preferably, the tall goofy douche.

Why are As I Lay Dying touring? Apparently, they have a new album on the way called Decas that has three new songs and a bunch of other goodies. Here’s the track list:
1. Paralyzed
2. From Shapeless to Breakable
3. Moving Forward
4. War Ensemble (Slayer cover)
5. Hellion (Judas Priest Cover)
6. Electric Eye (Judas Priest Cover)
7. Coffee Mug (Descendents cover)
8. Beneath the Encasing of Ashes (Re-Recorded Medley)
9. The Blinding of False Light (Innerpartysystem Remix)
10. Wrath Upon Ourselves (Benjamin Weinman Remix)
11. Confined (Kelly “Carnage” Cairns Remix)
12. Elegy (Big Chocolate Remix)

  • Josh

    You are a super closed-minded douche bag. You seem to hate all bands with a new style. every band on this tour is amazing. And it’s a fact, the way you reacted to IWABO’s JOKE is childish. Grow the fuck up

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, Eminem fan

      • Josh

        Honestly, old email. I admit, it’s lame. I don’t even remember the password. I don’t like getting spammed, so I almost never use my current email in forums or anything.