Jesse James Dupree
Oh my GOD! Who knew anyone would ever care again about Jackyl? I do, because right now, there’s some Jackyl-related breaking news.

Frontman Jesse James Dupree has been involved in a bad accident along Route 411, near the Georgia/Alabama state line.

The accident happened today — we’re pretty sure anyway.

The press release Jackyl’s publicist sent out didn’t specifically mention when the accident took place.

Dupree was allegedly struck by an automobile, suffering a broken left ankle and foot, a fractured right arm, and significant bruising to his lower back, alongside a severe case of road rash.

Hey — that’s better that crotch rot.

The Jackyl front man and co-star of “Full Throttle Saloon” on Tru-TV is expected to make a full recovery, according to doctors. 

And again — this is why motorcycles are dangerous death traps on two wheels.

  • Jerry561

    Hey Chris you know your momma was a death trap as well! I was struck head on by a drunk driver 8 years back who crossed over into my lane of traffic that devastated and changed my life forever. I think bikes and bikers are a lot more safe than any car, truck, tractor or whatever. We have to drive more safely and look out for idiots like you who need to keep your opinions to yourself. Instead of concentrating on Jessie and him being on a motorcycle lets talk about what needs to be talked about like what caused the wreck because in the end that is what was dangerous not motorcycles! Are you writing this because of what Jessie said about Metal? I love Jessie and metal, but because of your opinion I will never darken this website or anyone connected to it in anyway such as advertising.

  • Seawolf7071

    Motorcycles are NOT dangerous death traps on two wheels!!!!!! It’s the people around motorcycles that are dangerous!!! 90% of all riders are very concientious about their riding. I’ve been riding for almlost 50 years and the cage drivers don’t even look for us.