Truly Bizarre Herman Cain Ad Features Chief Of Staff Smoking?

Truly Bizarre Herman Cain Ad Features Chief Of Staff Smoking?


Leading the polls. Winning straw polls. Cutting ads featuring his Chief of Staff smoking.

All in a day’s work…

And just in case the above video doesn’t work, here’s a screenshot…

Note it says the video is unlisted, but it is from the official Herman Cain account. Maybe it was just a joke people were sending around and nobody’s sure who got the link or how it was leaked, but wow…what a wild ride Cain is taking us on.

  • khaki

    The more politically incorrect Cain is, the better he does, for the moment anyway. So he’s pushing it as far as he can to see how far it will take him. But he’s creating his own bubble. That’s what reckless people do. It will all come crashing down as soon as people get past the side show factor and are reminded that the presidency is serious business. Recall Trump’s rapid deflation when his birther nonsense was contrasted with the news of OBL’s killing. “I am proud of myself…” Sheesh. Cain’s moment will come, and these kinds of attention getting stunts hasten it. Still I wish he would get the nom. That would be black-walnut-tastic.

  • Tully

    “Creating his own bubble.” I like that. I think it’s spot on.

    Maybe this ad’s aimed at the Old White Guy demographic. As an Old White Guy myself, I was underwhelmed.

    Or maybe he’s after the Marlboro Man demographic.