Ron Paul Drops Searing New Anti-Gingrich Ad

Ron Paul Drops Searing New Anti-Gingrich Ad


Looks like the Dr. is stepping up to the plate and calling Newt out on his sketchy, flip-floppy record.

With Newt way up in Iowa (even though he just got an office in the state a week ago) and now leading the GOP contenders nationwide, expect all of the other candidates to aim their guns at the former Speaker. Because he’s given them plenty of ammo over the years.

Duck and cover Newt. It’s gonna get rough.

  • Tully

    I was wondering how much rope his opposition would give him before they started yanking on it. Newt carries HUGE baggage, and I don’t mean his personal-life “challenges.” Not that they’re inconsiderable either.

  • Shane

    As a conservative, there are so many things wrong with Newt, I don’t even know where to start. However, put him on stage with Bachman and Perry and he starts to look a little better. Its like the beer goggle effect, but with debate inebriation.

    BTW, has anyone caught the second ad Paul released? I almost bought a truck after watching it.

  • Tully

    By baggage I don’t mean his going against the con-dogma. To me that’s a feature, not a bug. But unlike Romney Newt’s apostacy seems to peak on personal gain points, not on issues where compromise or centrism seems the right approach for the public.

    Yeah, he’s a good speaker, quick on his feet. He’s also very personable in person. I met him, long ago. But I don’t mistake that for character. “I’ve known too many Spaniards.” He’s near-Clintonesque in his weaseldom, and his ethical baggage is enormous. He talks a great game about principles and priorities, but in practice it’s Newt First, screw the rules, and screw everyone else.

  • khaki

    Its interesting watching the Obama camp conversely praising and attacking Newt. Either way, they surely want to elevate him – for all the reasons mentioned in this thread. I’m sure they can’t believe their luck. Obama campaign to GOP: “Go Newt!” Or better: “Liberals think Newt is terrible! (heh heh)”

  • Shane


    Your first two sentences makes me think I should clarify my statement. I attribute (appropriately or not) Newt to the shift of the GOP party from fiscal conservative to social conservatives in the mid 90’s. I think Newt’s contribution was what took the GOPs “eye off the ball” and ultimately yielded the Bush brand of politics through the 00’s.

    There were things I liked from the contract with America and the showdown with Clinton helped create a reasonable, compromised budget in the end. My problems with Newt come from the same place yours does it sounds like. I don’t trust him to take the principled stance, I expect that he will get big money from big donors that have big influence on his decision making and I don’t trust that he won’t dust off the big top tent when he decides that we wants to be the ring leader of the circus again.

    The bottom line is that I’m looking for a conservative voice to repair the damage done in the Bush chapters, not the guy who wrote the prologue and introduction.