Every Time I Die
You wouldn’t catch me dead at an Every Time I Die show.

Unless pussy was involved. If I was trying to nail a chick and as a condition, had to attend an Every Time I Die show, then maybe I’d attend. Maybe.

She’s have to be really hot.

I think Every Time I Die’s just boring and repetitive. And their guitarist has the smallest dong ever.

Last night, Every Time I Die’s Christmas show in their hometown of Buffalo resulted in fisticuffs, when the dumb band asked fans to hop on stage for the finale.

A number of fans and security guards grabbed and pushed each other a bunch. It looks like there was just a lot of aggressive hugging going on.

That’s what you get at an ETID show: Aggressive man-on-man hugging.

After the jump, check out fan-shot footage of the scrapping.

Jump to the three-minute mark and watch the gayety unfold.

  • LearnToSwim

    I was at the Buffalo show last night and wanted to see what articles might be out there about the fight with security. I come across this “article”. I read what I believe to be an uneducated, immature and offensive piece of shit that could only have been written by some idiot teenager… only to go on down the page to read that Chris Harris (who?) is a “real music journalist” with credentials that should be pretty respectable. How the fuck can anyone respect a “music journalist” of this supposed calibre that pumps out gems like “…watch the gayety unfold” right after observing that all ETID shows are events of aggressive man-on-man hugging. Nice. I bet you call people “faggots” anonymously in Youtube comment sections too. Shit article. If you hate the band so much, why do you bother posting about them at all? Just to have a forum to indirectly call the band and their fans fags? Meanwhile YOU’RE the one who interprets a fight at a rock show as man-on-man-hugging and discusses Andy Williams’ dick size.