Josey is a girl's name

Josey is a girl's name
Well, man…I did not see that one coming. I figured Josey Scott was a fucking animal. The type of dude who’d make girls shove baseball bats in their asses for his own sick amusement. But I guess Josey’s found — gulp! — God.

According to The Pulse Of Radio, Scott and Saliva quietly parted ways late last year.

Guitarist Wayne Swinny told some Texas radio station KFMX all about it. I live in New York, where all the stations start with W’s, so it always bugs me out when stations have names that start with anything other than a W.

Swinny says Scott left the group after a decade and a half to pursue a career as a solo Christian artist.

Although Saliva’s future was shaky there for a while, they didn’t do the right thing and break up. Nope — they’re inflicting more awful music on humanity, enlisting a new singer named Bobby Amaru.

I love when dudes find Jesus.

It’s hilarious. I wonder what happened to Josey to make him find his religion and want to pursue a Christian solo career.

I also can’t wait to see Josey’s new Christian look, and to hear his new music. I bet it blows Head’s shit to bits.

Saliva lose the one dude anyone knew in the band by name, and yet, they’re carrying on. Fuck. Life’s not fair.

  • Jake

    Wait til you hear/see the new frontman. He can play guitar, and drums and has a great way of structuring writing and producing songs. How are you even a journalists, you are already making assumptions beofre you have and facts, Josey was outta shape and I heard he passed out on stage a couple of times performing.  Dude needs a Cardiac Dr, not Jesus……..

  • Malleryii

    hmm picture from “WANTED”.  I have seen Saliva a recently and their last album received no airplay anywhere.  At least Cinco Diablo did.  He was getting very large and yes probably needs to see a doctor. 

  • DaveMH533

    Great article you f’ing tool bag. Probably wrote this after your late night shift at the local McDonald’s.

    • Anonymous

      I work at Arby’s, dickwad

  • Dust601

    You mean those guys didn’t break up back in 2000?

  • 1drummer72

    Fuck you, your a talentless piece of shit! All your articles suck dick. You probably couldn’t draw a picture of a music note must less have any credibility to criticize Antibes music! Go fuck yourself and die!

  • stryth420


  • Abuemma

    Why do you assume that being a Christian makes him less likely to abuse women? Plenty of data suggests just the opposite.

  • Bjackson2080

    To that writer, god loves you too

  • Mjpirkle

    Guy was struggling as of late… The music was suffering an there last shot at a hit Scott penned as “badass” hmmm best of luck … But sadly the days of the true rock bands hav long since gone.. These guys were lucky to hav hung on this long . As to the article writer : hav some since n dont post your dork ass fag picture on a rock nroll article … At least let us think your cool… Nerd

    • Traci229

      Wow, man. Making fun of the writer and calling him a nerd, huh? I’m sure he’d much rather be a nerd than a dumbass who can’t even spell. why the hell are you abbreviating the word have? is it really that hard to add that ONE extra letter? also, if you are going to tell someone else to “have some since”, USE some SENSE and spell that shit right!

  • Hisservant1993

    He was known as the lead singer of Saliva. And inspired many. But now wants to change his ways of inspiration. What is wrong with that? If he was never known with Saliva would it still be a big deal to people to talk down his decision. This man has what many lose all to trying to gain. And for him to be willing to let it go. For some it is a bad mistake and to others it is good thing. But obviously to josey scott it is his new passion and what matters to him. Why can’t we support this man rather than spill out our opinions on his decision. The fact is that nobody likes to be push or held back just because some else agrees or disagrees. Let him do what makes him happy.

  • Sil Cry

    lol you dont know shit about Christian artists, check out Red, POD, Brian Welch, come on… metal rules in Christianity

  • Joey

    I think that’s wonderful! May god give you the grace and forgiveness you so desire to obtain Josey. I look toward to seeing you again.

  • JRock

    If you have ever actually purchased a Saliva CD – and not just downloaded the music on itunes….you might know more about Josey and not be so surprised by his decision to leave Saliva and do the Christian music thing. In every booklet in the CD, Josey always gave thanks to God and his family. It’s not like he just found religion. You obviously should do a little more homework on the subject at hand before offering your opinion.
    You are sad!

  • Brian Ensey

    I knew Josey from back in his Blackbone days and he was always giving respect to — gulp! — God. Like Jrock sad below get your facts before trying to write a cool blog you idiot! I’m not the church going type, but I can not stand to see someone poke fun at others beliefs.. OH MY HE LIKES GOD, DAMN HIS MUSIC SUCKS NOW.

    Chris Harris you are a douche bag…..

  • Chris Adams

    You are a horrible writer! Clearly this should not be your profession.

  • Robert Boyd

    wtf man