Another Poll Shows Gingrich Ahead By 8 In Florida

Another Poll Shows Gingrich Ahead By 8 In Florida


InsiderAdvantage shows very similar numbers to the Rasmussen poll we posted earlier, although Ron Paul pulls a lot more support in this one.

Gingrich – 34%
Romney – 26%
Paul – 13%
Santorum: 11%
Other – 2%
Undecided – 14%

Could the tide be turning in Newt’s favor? It certainly seems so. In fact, look at these overall preference numbers from Gallup…

And that was BEFORE South Carolina. No doubt that gap will get a lot closer when they run these numbers again.

GOPers have decided that they’re not happy with Romney and they’re actively seeking an alternative.

Game on.

  • khaki

    Incredible, really. I think Gingrich is benefiting from how Romney has consistently been unprepared for questions that he should have seen coming – like the issue about releasing his taxes. He’s been running for president for how many years now, and he doesn’t have a better answer than “maybe” when asked if he plans to release his taxes? It puts into question his elect-ability. And if the GOP base is going to end up with an un-electable candidate, they they may as well put forward one that will give Obama hell in the process.

  • cranky critter

    Best-case scenario for the GOP is that current circumstances make Romney more battle ready. IMO, Romney legitimately could beat Obama. He’s way more appealing to the mainstream.

    Worst case scenarios are that Gingrich wins the nomination or keeping wounding Romney badly.