"Hello hello. Guess who?"

"Hello hello. Guess who?"
So, I don’t usually cover Of Mice & Men, because they suck. Like, a thousand cocks in Indochina. Seriously. If you don’t believe me, Google them, and see for yourself.

But when I saw this video…I had to get it on the site so we could blast this bitch.

Has no one learned from the infamous Bababooey love tape? I am embarrassed for this dude.

Former bassist and vocalist Shayley Bourget quit three weeks ago, without a word of explanation.

Now, he’s explaining that it was because of depression and anxiety, which led to alcohol abuse, and it was just all too much.

Trivett Wingo said the same thing when he left The Sword. Difference is, he wasn’t stupid enough to commit his reasons to video.

Don’t put it on tape, man! That’s the bottom line. While we applaud dude for having the good sense to git while the gittin’ was good, we have to shame him for releasing a pathetic video like this.

I hope someone takes audio from it and mashes it with a Village People song. And why does dude have his own music playing in the background the whole time? What a dick lick!

Notice he’s not too depressed or anxious to be starting new projects.

  • Hey Chris, you’re a intolerable pussy, to put it bluntly.  I hope us OM&M fans find you on the street so we can rip your dick off. This guy has balls bigger than your labia, so shut the fuck up and learn some respect, bitch.

    • Anonymous

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  • Brad

    Get fucked Chris, you absolute piece of shit. This is a metal news site, not some site to just bash people’s favourite artists..

    • Anonymous

      This site is whatever the fuck I want it to be, bitch