The TSA's Waste (Infographic)

The TSA's Waste (Infographic)


In the age of domestic and international terrorism, a few inconveniences at the airport seem pretty trivial. Most of us happily hand over our belongings to be scrutinized by airport security, because the alternative is unbearable. Who cares if we have to take our shoes off, and throw out a few bottles of perfume every time we fly, if it’s to ensure that nobody on our plane is going to get through with any weapons? As the infographic below brings to light, millions of Americans put their blind hope in the TSA each time they fly, without realizing quite how risky that is.

Despite over 6 billion tax dollars of funding since 9/11, the TSA has allowed more than 25,000 security breaches. To date, at least 16 individuals that were later accused of involvement in terrorist plots flew through different U.S. airports since 2004, and not one was stopped. Statistics tell us that 7 out of every 10 weapons get passed scanners, and in May of 2011, 4 chef knives were brought on a plane. Controversial full-body TSA scanners became mandatory in 2010, yet even at $170,000 a pop, they are useless because they can’t see objects concealed at your sides.

The TSA is probably one of the most despised organizations in the United States, yet the government continues budgeting out $7.6 billion to fund it. What’s worse: private security could screen 65% more passengers, and would cost 40% less to taxpayers than the TSA.

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  • Stuart Young

    It’s a farce, the full body scanners especially. They’re not only useless they’re incredibly intrusive. It looks like the UK is trying to implement them as well, complete waste of money

  • ryan

    I agree that it is wasted money but the reason for the waste is simply that the technique of the airport security simply isn’t advanced enough. We all must agree that we need airport security though the problem seems to be in the efficiency. It’s just not acceptable that the TSA burns so much money and still 7 out of 10 weapons get through the security. I’d like to see a comparison with other countries like Japan, German or France which also have very advanced technology at airports. If the comparison shows that we burn more money with worse results than we simply have an efficiency problem.

  • David Light

    i think all the drama about the TSA comes from opinion that security is about supertech gadgets, especially when you think of international airports. That’s why government keeps funding them. People are ok with machines, but not with other people. By the way, thanks for infographics, really cool way of presenting information.