Say what?

Baroness vocalist and guitarist John Baizley spoke with, for some fucking reason (because since when do they care about stuff that isn’t pussy-whipped punk dreck), and said that’s it — the band’s no longer down with the filthy shit.

When asked about their forthcoming LPs “biggest curveball,” dude responded, “It’s easy for me to say that, and it’s hard for me to say that, because I don’t want to say, like, ‘Oh you aren’t going to like this.’”


“That’s not what I’m going for. We need to do different things, so you’re going to hopefully notice a heightened sense of melody and a more developed and focused type of song for us,” Baizley says.

“I’m totally over writing hard music to perform. It’s fun in that it pushes you to the boundaries of your technical ability, but more recently, the challenge has been pushing out the boundaries of our songwriting ability. We had to say, ‘Sometimes a simpler song is a better song,’ because you pay more attention to the song.”

Hmm. Not sure how I feel about this.

“There’s less of an aggressive edge on the record as a whole — nobody’s going to miss that when they listen to it,” he says. “It is less aggressive than our former music. That is almost definitely a result of us getting older and our interests broadening, but that’s always going to happen.”

And that’s cool. But you might alienate, dude. Not ideal.

“That’s not to say at some point we won’t go, ‘Okay, now that we’ve softened up a bit, we need to get harder.’ It’s just, whatever we said on the last record has been said so recently, we need to do something different.”

  • Todd V

    Sounds good to me. I like melody and hooks and singing.

  • Max

    That Altpress interview was interesting. I’m hoping the new album is good, I really like The Red Album.

  • JSA

    I think that the fanbase should FOLLOW, not LEAD. Or MOB the artist when he wants to make new choices with his material.

    I’ve been seeing this more and more across all different mediums. People think that because (via the Internet & Web 2.0 or whatever) they now have the ability to more directly express their thoughts in a community, and even to the artist directly, that they have the right to fully dictate where the artist goes. Come on, people – enjoy the ride. If anybody’s earned the right to take a risk, it’s a guy like Baizley.

    That said, important not to completely alienate. If the new album sounds like Lulu I’ll be carrying a pitchfork with all the rest.