Seems like GOPers are taking part in a lot of wishful thinking with this poll, but here are the numbers…

The poll asked Republicans and independents who lean towards the GOP to choose from eight names who could be among the two dozen or so potential running mates that the Romney campaign may be considering as the vice presidential nominee.

According to the survey, Condoleezza Rice is on top of the list. Twenty-six percent questioned said they would like to see Rice, who served as national security adviser and later as secretary of state under President George W. Bush, as the Republican vice presidential nominee. In second place in the survey, at 21%, was Rick Santorum, who was Romney’s chief rival for the nomination until early last week, when the former senator from Pennsylvania suspended his campaign for the White House.

Interesting part is how close Santorum is. Just 5 points behind Condi. Evangelicals clearly want a guy like Santorum in the mix when it comes to the veep-stakes. That’s why I think Huckabee makes more sense because he’s not nearly as polarizing as Santorum. Still, I doubt Romney will ask since it’s common knowledge the two don’t get along.

By the way, Rubio has said he won’t accept the position if asked. Given that he’s only 40, I think that’s a very smart move. He has his eyes on the White House and he knows he’s not going to get there by playing second fiddle to a guy who won’t help him with his Tea Party bonafides.

More as it develops..

  • cranky critter

    Not sure why folks are wasting their time on folks who aren’t feasible. Is there any reason to think Rice wants to run? Has she ever run for elective office? The list has a few other “fun to tlak about but not gonna happen” candidates. IOW, it’s about generating chatter. Period,.

    Romney won’t pick someone more interesting and charismatic than himself. He’ll either pick someone who could help deliver an important (i.e. 10 or more electoral votes) swing state, or someone who can be viewed as doubling down on the idea of “economic expertise.” Or both.

    I don’t buy Santorum as a real option. The “shoring up the base” portion of the election is over. Romney can’t say that, and the party can’t admit it. But it is.

  • Tully

    Read through the internals of the poll, and as near as I can tell their sampling for the particular question was apparently limited to conservative white Southern Republicans and indies. Given the sample size, the sample focus, and the “list” approach of names offered I have trouble viewing the poll as terribly informative.