Insane Clown Posse
Insane Clown Posse
At the end of this post, you will find a trailer for the new Insane Clown Posse record. Why am I writing about this, considering Insane Clown Posse are not a metal band? Because the video is hilarious…in a “Fuck, are these people pathetic” sort of way.

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has turned to the dark side, aligning himself with the Insane Clown Posse…which is basically a career ender.

He’ll appear on a cover of AMG’s “Bitch Better Have My Money“ which will appear on Covered, Smothered And Chunked, an upcoming bonus covers album included with the “red pop” version of the new Insane Clown Posse full-length, The Mighty Death Pop.

I couldn’t get through much of the video, but it speaks volumes about this band and their fans.

The video makes the claims that ICP are “the most hated band in the world,” which I guess is true. They’re definitely up there.

The video also brags about how their fans have been labeled a gang by the FBI. Not a very Christian thing to do.

The best line from the video has to be: “They are the truest definition of the word independent…in ever sense of the word.” That copy was definitely written by an inbred Juggalo.

  • You know who I consider to be pathetic? You, Chris Harris. You are an obscure journalist no one cares about. Insane Clown Posse are icons of independent music. Juggalos have contributed more to society than you ever will. I’ve published more credible material than you ever have, and I own a company that makes more money in a week than your pathetic little website makes in a month. Now cry yourself to sleep. You are nothing but a pathetic crack addict.

    • Christopher Graves

      It is really no use to argue with him because he just showed that he is not a true journalist. If he would bother to take the time and consideration that a real writer would not subjugate his readers to his own exclusive beliefs on the matter but rather allow them to make their own minds up about the issues at hand. As for Fred Durst career being over, He really hasn’t put many hits on the charts these days and mite actually be a boost in a new market for him. I am an educated juggalo myself and take pride in the fact I pursue a higher education to better myself and those around me in more ways than hate that was spat here. I just wish that before those who condemn us as a whole would take the time to see the big picture not in a narrow minded focus

  • You could have written about Tech N9ne or Hopsin being on the album, as they, much like ICP, are also more talented and successful than you are, but, no, you have a hard-on for Fred Durst, so you decided to cyber-fellate him to prove how pathetic you are. You are not metal. You are about as metal as a school girl with her panties around her waist and cum dripping down her legs, like when you spread your butt for cash every night so you can pay for this sorry excuse for a website. That’s why you’re bashing a talented, successful rap group, because you desperately wish you had their success and fanbase.

    Oh, by the way, Juggalos are smarter than you’ll ever be.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous buttdart. Why not leave an email Miss? Because you’re a sperm burping Juggalo
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      • I’m far from anonymous, kid. I’m using my real name, I’ve got my public Facebook profile linked from my name, I’m not hiding who I am. I’m the owner of the dick that feeds your mother nightly, as well as a known underground cartoonist. You are a buttbaby. Wipe the frothy Santorum off your mouth, dumb bitch.

    • Anonymous

      Racist pig

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      • LOL. You’re calling me a racist? Based on what? Saying that Tech N9ne and Hopsin are more talented than you? Your view is that rappers are basically worthless, and that you’re above them for writing some shitty-ass articles. And yet you think I’m a “racist”. You are one of the biggest fucking morons I’ve ever met.

  • Anonymous

    I did a Google Search while driving and saw some page claiming you’re a racist. That’s where that came from.
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  • Anonymous

    How did I know you were from Florida…? Face to face you’d punk out and do nothing.
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  • Countshockula

    my favorite part is how “FBI” only has two periods.  Juggalos keep me wishing for zombie apocalypse 

  • Metalballs82

    Chris Harris kind of looks like a chubby dike trying to look like  a guy. “It’s Pat”

  • Hmm. Last I checked this wasn’t fucking CNN. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s one dude’s blog about metal. HIS blog, in which he has always included heavy opinions bases on his own tastes. Jackasses.

  • Skaal

     Saying Juggalos are smarter then anyone is a horrible insult. You paint chip eating freaks, who have a permanent stench of Crystal Meth and cheap soda on them, and who are known rapists and thieves have NO business commenting on talent. Granted, I know a few “Clownies” who are actually talented rappers, and do not base their entire musical genre off of easy-to-compose rap beats and completely unintelligent lyrics. And if you’re wondering why I can say that, I have an Industrial project coming out with their first album in the next 2 months, guest-staring MANY great musicians, including an intelligent rapper, who happens to be a Juggalo. I know the 5% of your social group/”cult”/”gang” are actually intelligent people.

    And I agree. No one likes Limp Bizkit. And no one likes ICP. I enjoy Tech N9ne, and I also enjoy Satanic Warmaster and Immortal. The fact that ICP tries to be controversial makes them complete idiots, and guessing by the caliber of your “intelligence” from your posts, you should already know that. If you don’t, do a little more reading. If you do, and like them anyway, that’s your own prerogative. A band shouldn’t try to be controversial. I can say that, because bands like Immortal, Gorgoroth, Watain, and Behemoth aren’t attempting to be anything except what they want to be, and what they want to spread to the masses. The “pissing off your parents” act gets old as soon as you move out into the real world. Selling out to disenfranchised children only makes them more horrible then they want you to believe. You see how much money they make, correct? How many god damn “Hatchet Man” logos are EVERYWHERE. I’d love to see someone walk into my work wearing a Deicide T-Shirt every now and again. I consider Lil’ Wayne more of “an icon to independent music” then “Violent J” and “Shaggy 2 Dope” (what kind of retarded names are those, you can figure out for yourself.) Try walking into a mosh pit in Maryland DeathFest, Damnation Festival, or even the Summer Slaughter Tour with your make-up on and see what happens. Metal Culture has always been more powerful then this crap. Sure, your people have one record label. Look up how many almost metal-exclusive record labels are out there. Though I question Chris’s taste in rap from this, he’s still done more then you. I looked at your Facebook page, and wanted to vomit. Saying the phrase ‘Juggalo Scientist’ is like saying the phrase ‘Christian Science.’

    (I wrote that over a period of 10 minutes, so the generic “You’re wasting your time on this, why?” won’t work, considering you’d be a fucking hypocrite to say that, attempting to attack a BLOG, on which a person can say whatever the hell they want, is beyond me.)

    • UZZIEL

      “Saying Juggalos are smarter then [than, not then – “than” is a conjunction used after adjectives and adverbs; “then” is an adverb that measures time from a relative standpoint] anyone is a horrible insult. You [are] paint chip eating freaks, [you don’t want a comma here] who have a permanent stench of Crystal Meth [crystal meth – you don’t capitalize common nouns] and cheap soda on them [yourselves, not them – unless your mind wandered and you began to address someone new in mid-sentence, which is also not grammatically correct], and who are known rapists and thieves [you do want a comma here] have NO business commenting on talent.”

      LOL @ you insulting Juggalos’ intelligence and then making six third-grade grammatical errors in your first two sentences. You’re no journalist. I’m a Juggalo and I’m smarter than you are, bitch. And if you think that Psy is the only record label in the entire Juggalo subculture, you really need to do some research. The horrorcore scene today is what the metal scene was in its glory days – raw, uncensored, completely independent, and underground.

      Also, if you’ll recall, back in metal’s heydey, a bunch of old, whiny, stupid people who didn’t understand the underground were saying the same thing about heavy metal and its fans – “they’re all a bunch of drugged-out idiots”, “they’re all murderers and rapists”, “that’s not music, that’s just noise”, etc. Almost everything you’ve said applies to heavy metal (as well as the hippie movement, punk scene, goth scene, the list goes on) just as much as it does to horrorcore. ICP isn’t “trying to be controversial” any more than Werwolf of Satanic Warmaster was “trying to be controversial” when he blamed the Jews for 9/11 and publicly expressed admiration for the ideals of the Third Reich. And he’s a huge fan of shock value. Just look at what he had to say on the matter:

      “Times change, shock values get deteriorated and intensified. If you want your voice to be heard, it isn’t always enough that you say, Hail Satan! It is of no importance to anyone anymore. You must comprehend new aesthetics and in certain cases it can be found surprisingly near. It’s ridiculously easy, how you can get people to fixate on your music by these means.”

      A metalhead saying that all Juggalos are uneducated meth users is like a Jimmy Bufffet fan saying that all metalheads dress in skinny jeans and listen to Korn. It might make sense to you, but it shows the rest of us how little you actually know about underground music or counterculture. Now you’re the old, whiny, stupid person who doesn’t understand the underground. How does it feel?