Black Dahlia Murder
My readers kick ass.

I was not able to attend this year’s New England Metal and Hardcore Festival — my favorite fucking festival of all time — which sucks. Money is tight, folks.

Anyways, several of you either emailed or sent me messages on Facebook asking if I would be in Worcester to hang. Next year, my friends…when I’m a sponsor of the thing. Yes, Scott Lee — I am talking to you.

Lucky for us, Kendall Divoll was in the house, and emailed us this hot tip about the Black Dahlia Murder.

“Last night (Friday) at NEMHF, The Black Dahlia Murder announced onstage that they had asked bassist Max Lavelle before the show to join them full time.”

That’s sick; Nothing is official until the band says so, but it seems highly unlikely Kendall would lie to us.

Max used to play with Despised Icon, and now, is in the Black Dahlia fold.

  • XenoChrist

    Shit, what happened to Bart? He has been their bassist since after the first album

    • Dazed

      Objection, he was not the bassist for the first album nor the second. 

      • XenoChrist

        My bad. He was some sort of technician on the first album, so i thought he joined the band between the first and second album

  • Dude, I’m going to miss the fuck out of Bart 🙁 This guy is a great replacement though, has a lot more energy live than I ever saw Bart have.