• Kdyyanks18

    U simply cant convict someone of Manslaughter due to blog accounts on the internet. These people could have been drunk after the show, could have seen things of what they thought they saw but was totally different due to the environment and mayhem a metal show is. A lot is happening and it is very chaotic. This fan could have been attacking randy. A blog account on the internet could have been anyone saying anything. It simply isn’t enough to convict Randy for this crime he is being accused of. Eye Witness accounts are the most unreliable piece of evidence you can admit into evidence for a trial. Their needs to be more hardcore evidence than word of mouth. If he is convicted for this crime due to bloggers talking about the incident at the show, then the Prauge criminal justice system is a very weak one. This is way to serious of a charge to be decided by a possible drunken fan who is sitting at his computer typing away. My hopes and thoughts are with Randy and his wife and the entire Lamb of God crew. I truly appreciate Gunshyassassin.com for keeping me up to date on this issue and I felt I should add some input cause I’m in shock and disbelief and haven’t stopped thinking about it since I read the article. Let’s hope Randy’s lawyers can express the points I just made and hopefully Randy will be set free. Thanks. 

    • Trabant

       Exactly. Gunassasin won’t convict anybody. The Czech police and prosecution had 2 years since the US authorities refused cooperation to get all the fact straight. Don’t worry, the charges are not based on blog posts.

      Fair trial to Randy. R.I.P. Daniel.

  • Jake

    That pussy Trevor Strnad once tried taking my face of with his knee. I was trying both not to be trampled and to keep his monitors turned toward him. This is who these dudes are on stage. What’s upsetting though is how flaccid Trevor became after he stopped writing his blog here.

    Sounds like Randy was drunk and up & killed a mufucka. We know he killed the kid and we know for a fact he lives obliviously drunk. Bound to happen, get a grip you pompous fucks.

    • christhescribe

      No shit. Thanks dude for the words

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  • Josh88

    the thing is though if u come up on that stage you are considered a threat.. u get your ass beat thats what happens.. its the same way if u hopped into a wrestling ring football field or whatever..