Alleged photo of the kid who died

Alleged photo of the kid who died
And in short, it basically shows that the 19-year-old kid who allegedly died two weeks after being tossed off the stage by Randy Blythe during a Lamb of God show in Prague back in 2010 was acting like a fucktard the entire fucking night.

I’m not surprised in the slightest. I kind of figured from the outset this manslaughter charge was horseshit, and now, it appears the plaintiff’s case is falling to shit. Bravo to Jason at The Gauntlet for tracking down the new video footage; check it here.

The footage shows all three times the fan made his way on to the stage; one scene, we’ve already…uhm…seen. It’s the footage of Randy holding onto the kid’s hair as a security guard throws him back into the audience with such force, you’d think he was trying to throw a fucking lounge chair over a ten-story building.

The first scene in the video shows the kid, named Daniel N., climbing on stage, only to be thrown backwards by a security dude. You can see the kid hits his head.

The guard bearhugs Daniel and slams him to the ground, but Randy never touched him.

In the second scene, we see the kid mount the stage again, and the band doesn’t touch him. Neither does security. He jumps into the crowd from the stage, and no one catches him. He falls straight to the floor.

If this kid sustained head injuries, it certainly had not a fucking thing to do with Randy, as this video shows.

Now cut the fucking crap, Prague: FREE RANDY BLYTHE already.

  • CompanyLovesMisery

    I can’t say I’d be any different than that 19 year old trying to have fun, probably drinking, enjoying the show. But still, there can exist tragedy without accountability. Randy acted no different than any other vocalist in a metal band would have. I’m sure 1,000+ have hit their head and woke up the next morning with a huge headache, but were able to live the rest of their life. If Randy is accountable in anyway, I think the punishment of a few weeks in jail and the fear of 10 years in prison is plenty, send him the fuck home already. RIP Fucktard Czechian Kid.