One of the 100 people who attended the vigil
More than 100? At first, I thought a zero was missing. But I re-read the story on The Richmond-Times Dispatch site, and, yeah…just fucking 100 people showed up for a vigil in support of Randy Blythe, Lamb of God’s frontman who sits in a jail in Prague on bogus charges.

I thought there were a lot more Lamb of God fans in Richmond, but I guess I don’t know shit. What’s happening? Two Death To All shows had to be cancelled; now, an event to show support for the lead singer of one of the biggest bands in metal draws just 100-plus people. I am disappointed.

The event was held on Brown’s Island in Richmond, Virginia, earlier today (July 8).

“This really brings it home,” Lamb of God’s Willie Adler told the paper. “It’s nice to see all different walks of life here. It’s not just long-haired metal fans.”

Adler says the band doesn’t know when Randy will be released.

“We’re not quite sure what’s happening now, so we don’t want to do anything to jeopardize it,” he said. “But we hope to know something, maybe in a week.”

Adler’s father-in-law, Harry Hopkins, told the paper the entire band was met at the Prague airport by armed forces June 27 and taken into custody. After some discussion, U.S. embassy personnel were able to get four of them free. They were told to leave the country immediately.

“They’re very upset about that,” Hopkins said. “They would’ve wanted to stay with him.”

DAMN! That’s nuts. So the whole band was taken into custody immediately. That, we didn’t know. The fact that the U.S. Embassy has been involved is also a good sign.

Man…I am still disappointed in that turnout. Very. Just 100-plus people — one of them, a dude from the band.

Maybe kids in Richmond dig hip-hop, I don’t know…but, man — that seems like nothing. I’ve had more people attend my parties.

  • Richard Cranium

    There were a lot more than 100. A lot of folks showed up and couldn’t stand around in the heat very long, so they left. It was at least several hundred.