Randy Blythe in court
Today marks three full weeks since Randy Blythe — Lamb of God’s imposing frontman — was detained in Prague by officials, stemming from a 2010 incident in which a stage-diving fan died two weeks after allegedly sustaining an injury during the band’s concert.

What we’ve all learned these last three weeks is that if you think America’s legal system is fucked, don’t ever think about stepping foot in the Czech Republic.

Lamb of God’s manager Larry Mazer told a Richmond news station he has yet to receive an official letter informing him that the Czech prosecutor’s complaint to block Blythe’s bail has been dismissed.

He is also unaware of Blythe’s bail being doubled.

The letter, which must be issued within 48 hours, will state exactly what conditions have been made regarding Randy’s detention.

In a closed session this week, a panel of judges reportedly dismissed the Prague State Attorney’s Office complaint against Blythe’s release on bail.

Additionally, the judges hiked Randy’s bail by another $200,000.

Mazer said he believes part of the condition is the increased bail. “We are hopeful that tomorrow morning there will be an official letter,” Mazer says.

You can read all of our ongoing coverage of Randy’s legal woes here.

  • Guest

    Its funny to see Czech-bashing article accompanied by Alfons Mucha’s/Mucha inspired artwork advertising Baroness new CD. (Mucha being one of the most influential Czech artists)

    Should the conditions of bail require Randy to stay in the country, I guess he might see Mucha’s work in local galleries…