Two members of Metallica’s road crew were reportedly injured last night during the band’s opening show in Mexico City.

Metallica are playing eight shows in Mexico City at Palacio de los Deportes.

Conflicting reports claim the crew members may have suffered burns near the end of Metallica’s set. Reports claim the band was performing “Enter Sandman” when one of the flare launchers that was placed on stage failed.

Two men came on stage to check what was happening, and a huge flame suddenly appeared, engulfing them.

We’ve got video of the incident for you at the end of this post.

Other crew members emerged with fire extinguishers and came to the aid of the two men, who were taken out on stretchers.

  • Goji1986

    Dude that’s part of the show. They used to do it back in 96-97.

    • christhescribe

      Well aware

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  • Yioryos

    Was part of the show. They did it before on the ‘Cunning Stunts’ DVD