I don’t even know where to start.

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis — who spins records as J Devil an fancies himself the next Skrillex — is a fucking jabroni.

Davis obviously isn’t an educated man, but he does consider himself something of a trailblazer.

He tells Noisecreep: “I make people drop their jaws” when he DJs at electronica events, “because I’m just up there telling them to go fuck themselves. No one’s ever done that at an EDM show and crowds are loving it. It’s not like I’m offending anyone, people are like ‘Yeah, fuck you too!’”

Is he for real? He’s literally patting himself on the fucking back for telling off the people who came to see him do his thing. What a fucking schmuck!

How anyone could still be a fan of Korn is beyond my comprehension. They’re just so…objectionable.

Then, J Devil goes and really says something stupid.

“North American dubstep is the new electronic heavy metal. It’s the-filthier-the-better in that world, and with heavy metal, it’s the heavier the better, so it’s kind of the same thing.”

You are a dumb fuck, JD. Truly. Comparing severe metal to music that basically sounds like a crackhead stuck in a broken washing machine is an offense punishable by flogging.

  • For the first time in his life, Jon Davis is making “Metal”

  • Wildflower

    I am not familiar at all with what he is doing, but I can’t deny Korn’s heaviness..lyrically as well as musically JD is a twisted motherfucker. I respect him as an artists wanting to take whatever influences he can and draw in..Tommy Lee does the same shit..It’s all Fuck You, Fuck The World..Ministry, Pitch Shifter, Trent Reznor..He isn’t the first of anything..but hey if he opens people up to a heaver darker side..Good for him! I look forward to seeing him with Zombie and Manson. 

  • Gandalf

    Fine that you don’t like dubstep, but I think comparing it to heavy metal is reasonably accurate.
    Like he said, more filthy in dubstep, is like more brutal in metal. And saying that it “sounds like a crackhead stuck in a broken washing machine” sounds like someone who doesn’t know the genre, and isn’t used to the sound.
    It sounds like something my grandma or one of my un-metal friends would say when I put on some of my most brutal shit

  • I don’t like u

  • It’s obvious to ME, Chris Harris that YOU are not an “educated man”.  Not only is Jonathan Davis intelligent and well-read, he is also unique; constantly striving for originality within his music genre.  Korn has been and always will be a trailblazer within the metal music industry.  They’ve sold millions of records, have had much acclaim for many years as well as many fans and followers.  So they are far from “objectionable”.  The only thing that I find objectionable is your attitude towards one of the most amazing and original artists of our time.  I’m sorry, Chris, but not every band can sound like Abba and the Spice Girls which is, I’m sure, more your type of music as you surely don’t look like the type that should write for metal music.  By the way, I love how you are proud of being an on-air “talent” (ha ha!) for MTV News.  Like that’s something to brag about.  When is the last time MTV actually had anything to DO with music??  Have you ever BEEN to a JDevil event?  Have you ever experienced the electricity in the air when the music is pumping through the air and thousands of people are on their feet, chanting for more?  Yeah, I didn’t expect you to, actually; a fucking jabroni of your caliber would get chewed up and spit out in an arena like that.  What I suggest to you is that you stick to what you know best (whatever that may be) and leave music reviews to those to know how to conduct themselves in an adult manner.  And just for the record, you ugly little talentless hack, I really don’t think that Jonathan would give a shit what you think of him in this pathetic little article.  Because it’s like Jonathan himself says, “It’s just fuel for the comedy.”  And you are the biggest joke there is. 

  • Kefka is overrated as fuck

    Jonathan Davis’s voice: the one thing that stops me from picking up my old copy of ‘Untouchables’ and sticking it in my CD player.

  • Klaus

    Fuck Korn (not even in a fuck you too way, but in a stop making music forever way), but his comparison is pretty accurate. He’s not calling dubstep the same as heavy metal, he’s just saying that the elements that differentiate it from other electronic music could be seen as similar (or at least a parallel) to the elements that differentiate metal from, say, Nickelback or Bon Jovi.

    Also, some dubstep is totally metal (though I’ll agree, as a whole, it’s a genre that’s mostly shit). Example: