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Geoff Tate — who was ousted from Queensrÿche recently — is preparing to tour…with his own rendition of Queensrÿche.

Billboard says Tate’s personal Web site has been updated with a new banner, reading “Geoff Tate: The Voice Of Queensrÿche.”

But wait — that’s not all.

Additionally, he is also listed on the site for booking agency Monterey International as “Queensrÿche Starring Geoff Tate: The Original Voice.”


There’s no information on the band’s lineup, though.

What’s worse — Axl Rose assembling a backing band and calling it Guns N’ Roses, or this move by Geoff?

  • This is worse, this is like there being two L.A. Guns, Steppenwolf, etc. The fans end up losing every time. Axl at least has the legal right to call his band Guns N Roses since everyone else signed the rights of the name over to him. That’s not the case with Tate.

  • JanesA

    Nothing shocking in the least. This is Geoff Tate and his family members or Tateryche in the proper way. Tateryche 2005-2012 was his ex-Queensryche band mates supporting his solo songs written with his personal buddies and outsider producers.