This is fucking awful news, people.

John Dudeck, the founder and owner of Very Distro who was ill for more than two years, has died.

In the 1990s, I ordered dozens of items from Very, spending thousands. In those early days, John would often send a hand-written note with the orders.

He had been in and out of hospitals the last two years. We’re not sure what killed him, but he is dead.

Anyone who knows him will tell you he was a righteous dude. He will be missed.

John also ran Edison Recordings, which released a handful of albums from such seminal artists as Starkweather, Overcast, Coalesce, and Disembodied.

Several metal and hardcore dudes have spoken out since learning of Dudeck’s death.

“You were a great friend and true brother to me,” writes Killswitch Engage’s Mike D’Antonio.

“Whether it was turning me on to ECW, putting out the Overcast records, or just chatting on the phone, you were an honest to goodness stand up guy. The world is short one less awesome dude today.”


  • chris

    Thank you for posting this.

  • DarthDomm

    While being tremendously MISSED FOREVER, you left so many impressions & influences on my life with all of the incredible music you turned me on to since we’ve been friends & I will always love you soooooo much for that!!! Not to mention all the GREAT times we shared together while you used to pick me up & take me to some of the best hardcore shows I’ve ever seen. (Unisound in Reading, PA)
    God bless you John! I hope you are in a better place. Rest In Peace.
    Sincerely with kind regards, condolences & LOVE to the Dudeck Family (Eugene & Chong),
    ♥Love Dominick♥

  • Tony Topps

    Outside of the Hardcore scene, John & I grew up together! Birthday Parties, School, The struggle to lose our “V” hahaaa all that stuff.
    This is the worst! The reality still hasn’t set in! I know where I’m going tomorrow evening, but I expect to see Johnny, not say goodbye to my brother!
    I know John passed to the spiritual world & prob Hi Fived St Peter @ the Gates!