Suicide Silence
You know what fucking blows? Coming home from a weekend away to find one of your fish dead.

I’m fucking bummed. I had this baby fish (these two other fish I had popped this one out), and I put it in a separate tank so it wouldn’t be consumed by the other fish. Over the last two months, I took a liking to her, and was psyched to see the fish grow.

But no. Now the lifeless fish is in a sewer somewhere. Life is too fucking fragile, folks. So is the singer of Suicide Silence.

Mitch Lucker was hospitalized this weekend after he developed a nasty infection in his freshly-fractured elbow.

He’s at the Orange Coast Memorial hospital in Fountain Valley, California — for any stalkers out there.

Suicide Silence is working on new material, and looking for a label to release it next year.

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