First, ,a href=””>let’s look at historical numbers going back to 1988…

I was actually surprised to see that Obama and McCain were tied at this point in 2008, but the Katie Couric interview of Palin in 2008 didn’t happen until late September…and that’s when the tide started to shift. And then you had the financial crisis happen soon after.

Think this number is striking? Let’s dig into why Obama has an advantage. It’s about the issues…and Romney only leads on one front…

That’s right. Reducing the deficit is all Romney has the advantage on.

And this is Pew. They’re not a fly-by-night polling org.

The only analog for a comeback is Bush v Gore in 2000, and that was 5 points…not 8. And Bush was much more relatable and Gore was the Romney of that campaign. Actually, he was the Kerry of that campaign…another “no lose” campaign for the challenger.

More as it develops…

  • Eugene McCain

    And remember that Gore actually won the popular vote in 2000.

    Romney has a lot to overcome to bridge this gap. Tearing down Obama hasn’t worked. Giving broad brush policy speeches has not worked. Changing positions to please the extreme right wing/tea party base, hasn’t worked.

    Hard to know where he will go now in his campaign. As a Democrat…I was worried that this man would come up with a reasonable detailed economic proposal to reduce the debt….but reasonable and detailed are not parts of his plans. Thank goodness.

  • EndthePain

    My solution to the current fiscal crisis….which we all know is contrived and rigged by the multibillionaires on the right.

    Raise the taxes on the rich to 72 percent. We all understand that this will bring trillions into the government coffers.

    Tax the shit out of the rich. Hell make it 100 percent. Take their houses, their homes, their wives and children…..sell the kids overseas. Start a national VAT of 10 percent that only those making over 250k per year pay. Anyone under 250k per year is guaranteed a job for life.

    Take over every corporation and make them produce for the national good. Make sure that computer your typing on was made by U.S. Dell or U.S. Hewlet Packard. Make sure the internet is firmly controlled and regulated by the U.S Government and that you must pay 1000 dollars a month for access unless you are a registered Democrat who can show your voter registration card and present your secret OFFICIAL ballot in which you voted for all Democrats in the last election….then your internet is free.

    Raise the minimum wage to 25 dollars per hour. Guarantee health insurance for all. Life insurance for all. Long term health care for all. Food for all. Give everyone their own home. Dont make them pay.

    Pull out of every country that the US is now currently deployed in. Cut the military by 80 percent and let Canada defend us against the expanding China. Dismantle all Nuclear weapons…If Iran cant have one then neither should we.

    Pass a law in which to vote republican you must pay 1000 dollars at the polls on election day. Bring back the poll tax but make it only for the rich….not the poor. There we have no fixed our problems.

    America is now the grand free economic powerhouse that it was meant to be and all the Progressives who have mastered the Alinsky Tactics and have read the communist manifesto repeatedly are now fully in control.

    Our problems are solved. There will be jobs for all….no debt and tax money to vast to even spend all of it.