Surprise -- this guy has substance abuse issues

Surprise -- this guy has substance abuse issues
I know there’s a ton of obvious jokes to be made here, but do I really need to make them? I mean, I guess we could simply mock him for not having the guts to go through with it, but, that wouldn’t be cool.

Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix told the Associated Press he suffers from depression and suicidal thoughts.

“There was a moment in the record where I was suicidal. I was done. I’m like, ‘I’m over this. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t take this pain anymore.’ Like, I feel so alone and broken and just shattered. Like, everything that I had worked for in my life and said that I wasn’t going to be, I don’t want to be like my father — what happens? I’m like this drunk, fuck-up that destroyed his family. I did it. I’m sitting there like, ‘I did everything I said I’d never do.’”

Shaddix fessed up to having substance abuse issues, too.

“It had its clutches in me again. You know, I went out on the last record and I was trying to kid myself and act like I can party like other people and I just can’t. It starts out fun and then it’s fun with problems and then it’s just all problems. I was just a wreck and I was in total denial. My brother came down to the studio and he’s like, ‘I used to look up to you, man. Like, what happened?’”

Shaddix said he awoke the next day “on a new path. I’m cleaning my act up. I’m kicking the booze and the pills and the weed and everything.”

See kids? You could have all the success in the world and a ton of money, and still, you could be a miserable fat fuck who wants to die.


  • Maybe he’s suicidal because he isn’t true to himself. Papa roach has chased the “in” trend since they broke. I’d want to eat a bullet if I spent my life in the public eye trying to be something I’m not as well.

  • Rock Girl

    Thankfully it seems that you have not had someone close to you commit suicide. if you had you would probably not be making a mockery of something that not only ends in one death, but devastates the friends and family of the person for the rest of their lives as well. Obviously you are very ignorant about mental illness…or more simply put you are an asshole!

  • Is the whole point of this site to give you a place to make fun of the misfortune of people in bands you don’t like? I don’t get it. Seems kinda douchy to me.

    • christhescribe

      No, that’s not the point, Trevor. Dick.

  • I Miss Good Music

    Kevin he tried to off himself because he’s psychotic, the guy isn’t all there mentally.