I want a bottle
This is cool but also fruity.

The shiraz bearing Motörhead’s name has sold a ton, meaning Lemmy will finally be able to move out of that studio apartment.

Motörhead Shiraz, which was released earlier this summer in North America, has been named one of the top-selling rock wines on the market.

Sold and distributed by Douggan’s Distillers, the wine’s even outsold one bearing Elvis’ name.

More than 300,000 bottles of the red wine have been sold.

“Hard rock fans who love wine, but hate the image can now pick up a bottle of ruby that’s been approved by the crown prince of rock and metal himself, Lemmy Kilmister,” says a press release.

I’m not a big drinker anymore. I’d make an exception for Lemmy.

  • Camwise

    Apparently Lemmy is worth 3 Million, so I guess he just likes living in that greasy apartment..

  • Michael

    can anyone tell me of any retailers in Northern California that carry this wine? Ive looked for weeks now without any luck.