Zakk Wylde
No one wants Pantera to reunite more than Zakk Wylde.

If they were to, then Zakk would likely have another decent gig — as the stand-in for someone unstand-inable.

“I’m friends with all the [former Pantera members],” Zakk says in a new interview at PureGrainAudio.

Phil [Anselmo] called me up when they did that ‘Metal Masters’ thing. [A guy] who does security with us, he came over and said, ‘Phil just wanted to say ‘Hey.’ He wanted to give you a call.’ So I said, ‘Yeah, tell Phil to call me whenever he wants.’”

Of course.

“So I got on the phone with Phil and I was just shooting the shit with him. He goes, ‘Zakk, everyone thinks there’s a rift [between us].’ I said, ‘Phil, I get along with everybody.’ He said, ‘I wish I could talk with Vin[nie Paul Abbott]’ and this and that. So I said, ‘Dude, just pour your heart out and talk to him.’”

Zakk says it’s up to Pantera’s surviving members whether the band ever plays again.

“Put it this way: If they were, like, ‘We’re gonna do this’ and they asked me to play Dime’s guitar parts, I’d be honored. I was a pallbearer for him, so he was my brother, man. And I know if he was on the side of the stage watching me play, he’d be laughing his balls off — that’s just a fact. He’d go, ‘Hey, jackass, you missed a couple of notes over here. You botched this one up,’ or whatever. He’d love every second of it. But, of course, I’d be beyond honored to do that; why wouldn’t I? But that’s a call the guys [have to] make.”

I know Zakk and Dime were close, so it makes sense.

Still, a huge part of me thinks Pantera died with Dime, and reviving the band — even with a string of amazing guitarists joining the guys on stage, each one playing a different track — would just tarnish Dime’s legacy and that of Pantera.

What do you folks think?

  • Viv Savage

    If they did that and then gave all the proceeds to some kind of charity to prevent shit like what happened to Dime, then I’d be all for it. Whether gun control or gun education, some other charity Dime was involved with, whatever. But if it was an obvious money grab, then tarnish Dime’s legacy it would and more.

  • Berserker Ace

    Id say let it happen. Everyone would love it. Its not the money its the honor of a brother. It will happen watch. Im sure it would feature Dimes long tome friends, not just Zakk. I think the real fans would love it and even the haters would go to see. PANTERA forever man m/

    • TheAdversary

      right on brother, totally agree!

  • greendog

    Do it for free… hold a free show in Dime’s honor

  • Th3Thunder

    I think it would be an awesome tribute to him for the musicians and the fans. Obviously I never knew the guy or even met him, but from what I’ve seen in the way he talked and acted, he doesn’t seem like the sort who would be happy for his music to ‘die with him’.

  • I Loved Pantera and I’m a huge ZW and BLS fan. ZW is awesome but his style is just different than Dime’s. Anytime the Pantera members want to play their stuff with other guys, for fun, would be just that, fun. Every time I hear anyone play Dime’s licks they are never quite right and I’m uncontrollably critical. It’s still fun to see awesome guys, like ZW, jam the songs on special occasions. I’d love to see an awesome shredder in Hellyeah.

  • sexpiss

    zakk is the only guitarist i’d wanna see in his place, and i’d pay top buck to see it

  • i agree, i thank pantera died that day too, but those guys (the band) need to come togather and heal their wounds…..phil has all ready played old pantera stuff with other musicians, and so have the other guys so , just let that be that. i do not particulury like phil, i think he has been a dick in the past, but him and vinnie need to have a dialog, so thay can both move on.

  • I think you can look at it two ways… It’s not about tarnishing the memory of Dime or making $$. The fans miss him and that band. Pantera was a HUGE part of the scene and all of the sudden (even though they were a bit spotty for a few years towards the end) it was over. I think it is a fitting tribute to have people close to him play his riffs with his brother and the other members of the band. I for one would love to see that. Pantera was and still is the shizznizzle!!

  • Get a Dime hologram and have Zakk play all the parts behind the scenes haha

  • Let it be Dime’s music and Pantera’s shouldn’t be left to remember at least not while most of the members are still here…lml

  • I agree.. Its time to move on the era of pantera is great it was well lived but nothing wrong with memorial stuff but not a new album or reunion tour.. If pantera never reunites thats fine to.. Let dime and pantera rest peacefully


    Pantera had killer tunes!! They would be missing 1 key player.. Sad.. But.. They would have 1 killer guitar player, and the only 1 that would be able to fill in for Dime.. I say PLAY IT LOUD & PROUD!! Keep Pantera & Dime’s music going!!

  • MeanGene

    Ditto! AGREE 100%!!!! (I think) A “Pantera” reunion with Zakk sounds completely insane, but only if Phil is excluded! Otherwise, (with Phil… or any other guitarist) it’s ALL WRONG! Why not call the last front man that gave a shit about DBD and was on stage with him when he got hit. Give Patrick Lachman (Damage Plan) a call!!! That would be so fitting… all victims of the split Live & Rock-on (whack that Phil)! Hell Yeah to that! Here’s why… NEVER FORGET, Phil dumped Pantera (to whacked out & lazy to do his job, sing for the greatest band in the world) and created a shit storm (really, go back and look at some of the crap he said) that ultimately got DBD hit. Bringing Phil back would do more than tarnish DBD’s legacy, imo it would be a major insult to him, his living band mates, his family, at least one fan who loves DBD like a bro… ME!!! I, for one will NEVER forgive Phil’s contribution to DBD’s passing. I appreciate and RE… SPECT all Phil did with Pantera and love every second of every track, 4ever, BUT HE DUMPED THEM!!! Then the Abbot’s moved on. Please keep it that way! I think we have all eaten enough of Phil’s feces for one lifetime. He was too good for them prior to DBD’s demise. Now, that Dime is bigger than life, Phil wants back in! PFFT! F***-off Phil! Imo, NO SOUP FOR FILL!!!

    • I couldn’t agree more. Scrolling down these comments was infuriating until I read yours. I thought I would be the only one to say “F*!@# you Phil! NOW you want in? F*ck off and DIE a**hole!”

  • MeanGene

    BTW nice pose Zakk (SDMF)!!!

  • Liran

    Fuck no!! we want to see this amazing band on stage and to be able to show them how much we love them and how much dime is important to us and to them! i dont think only one guitar player need to play, i think few guitar player should be there one by one and play for dimes memory, Zakk, Flynn, Paul Stanley.. even van halen himself.. just like in The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.
    Rest in peace dime. we all miss you.

  • its only a reunion. its not like they would write and record. just a little reunion run. play some of the good shit and thats it.

  • Bloughmee

    Panterra sucked. Overblown over-hyped dirtbags. I’d go to a show if they paid me the $100 and bought the booze.

  • 1992 man

    I could get into some new pantera.

  • I think the only thing that would tarnish Pantera’s legacy is the continued bad blood between Vinnie and Phil. I know that if Dime hand lived he and Phil would have reconciled. I don’t personally know Phil Anselmo but it seems like he has really changed as a person as of late. I think if done right, with honor and respect paid to Dime, that a sort of belated farewell tour for Pantera would be awesome.

  • Beast

    I would support this! Plus they should dig up the unreleased Damage Plan material and let Phil and Rex go nuts on it!