Have you heard of this band Psyclosarin from Ohio? I hadn’t either, but apparently, the band’s Mike Gately digs Gun Shy Assassin.

Like most of our readers who have bands, he sent us a message telling us we needed to check out “Some REAL fucking metal” from his band Psyclosarin.

While the production is rougher than rubbing sandpaper across the tops of Clint Eastwood’s weathered hands, I have to admit it — I’m digging what Psyclosarin’s doing.

They’re decent. Brutal beats, solid riffs, punishing singer…it’s all there, folks.

Check out some of the band’s songs at the end of this post.

I must say this, though: There’s something about these songs that is very unsettling. I feel like all these kids need is a decent studio, an engineer with half-a-brain, and a reasonably-skilled producer and I could see them signing with a halfway-reputable label.

  • Great band all great musicians plus icing to the cake wonderful group of ppl

  • I’m just going to come out and say it. I’m the one who recorded this band. I’m not going to say I know everything and I am still learning. We all have to start somewhere. Sorry I didn’t meet your expectations, and I’m working hard at becoming more skilled and experienced engineer. hopefully next time my work will be more satisfying. I would appreciate any constructive criticism so I can focus on area’s that im falling short on.