Suicide Silence
They say you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead — but no one said you couldn’t be honest.

And really, I never listen to what “they” say anyways.

Mitch Lucker, vocalist for Suicide Silence, is dead.

He died this morning from injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident.

In a statement,the band’s label, Nuclear Blast, offered “our condolences to his family, friends, band members and fans worldwide who are affected by this loss.”

The statement also says: “He left us doing what he loved to do most. He was 28 years old and will be sorely missed.”

I feel bad for his friends and family. Especially his daughter. It’s sad.

So, I hope people don’t take this the wrong way.

But, in my experience, and from what reliable people have confirmed, Mitch was kind of a dick. But that’s OK. I’m a dick too, and when I die, I’d expect someone to fucking say it. Because that’s the fucking truth.

Maybe I interviewed Mitch on off-days or something. It’s possible.

We always remember the dead differently. If a guy’s an asshole alive, you’re not supposed to say he was an asshole once he’s dead. We like to re-write history.

Well, Mitch had his flaws. It’s not cool he’s dead, but…at least he didn’t commit suicide. That would have been ironic, in some weird way.

This is why I don’t ride motorcycles.

  • Anonymous

    And of course, count on you to make some asshole comment just because someone made music that doesn’t please you. Fucking piece of shit.

  • chrisharrissuckscockdaily

    Are you posting this so his daughter Kenadee can read your opinion of her dad when she gets older? That takes a lot of class, you fucking piece of shit.

    • Anon

      This makes it worse. He really gave a shit about her when he got behind the handlebars of a motorcycle blasted.

  • AR

    You’re a straight jerk off Chris. Fuck you know about him? Did you meet? Were you friends? Nah you just blabbing bullshit based on what you “heard”. The guy has a daughter who now has no father and you’re here talking shit. You’re pathetic.

    • christhescribe

      I interviewed him several times, and know several girls he cheated on that wife with, so…

      • cunt

        He was probably a dick to you because you’re so fucking up your own arse, ask anyone else who knew Mitch, he was one of the nicest men in the business. You’re a fucking scumbag, and don’t try make up rumours about him cheating.

      • AR

        So what? Leave it be and show respect for his family. If he had committed some crime of a serious nature or something like that than fine, but this is some high school rumour mill nonsense. Think of his daughter, say something nice and get the fuck over yourself.

  • Chris is entitled to his opinion folks. At least he’s being honest in how he feels, and not overly praising someone just because they passed away, like most people do. He gave his condolences to family and friends, which at least shows he’s human. Everyone always puts people that die on a pedestal and over-exaggerate the impact they had on them. Just because they’re dead, doesn’t mean you have to change your relationship or how you feel about them. Bravo for being real Chris.

    • Nolan Johnson

      Good point. He does have an opinion. He just does it in a “Junior High” fashion (I’m talking about articles separate from this). Sarcasm isn’t a style. He’s just being childish. There are millions of people hearing millions of voices, and his way of doing things is the reason few people years from now will be able to put a name to his voice.

      • and he can choose to post things on his site the way he wants, be it juvenile or not. perhaps he doesn’t care if people remember him or things he wrote, or his opinion on matters. it is optional for people to read what he posts; nobody is being forced to read his writings is they don’t like it. I personally like how Chris writes; I find it entertaining (hence why I visit the site) and from my experiences communicating with him (albeit briefly), he’s been a good dude. he helped my band out how he could when my singer passed away (almost 2 years ago to the day, also via a motorcycle accident), and he didn’t know us or had any interaction prior; totally unprovoked. Anyway, there’s that whole first amendment thing, and he can sling any mud he wants, no fucks given, so I don’t understand why people feel the need to call him out. it’s obvious he knows what he’s doing.

        • Nolan

          You’re right. I suppose he’s not claiming to be a journalist. Blogging is in a whole new world. I just wish critics were still just critics for the sake of giving insight into music rather than just talking down in the ways I’ve seen him do. I was just upset that in searching for Mitch’s story I found a blog with an overwhelming about of negative criticism. It’s his right to type what he wants, it’s up to me to steer clear.

  • Anonymous

    Take it from someone who has dealt with death and dying a lot in his career – every action, word, and movement counts a million times more when it comes in reflection or in reference to someone’s death. You can’t call someone a dick after they die and then in the same breath say you hope it doesn’t get taken the wrong way by his family and friends. He’s dead and in their grief they are going to forgive his short comings and expect everyone else to do the same because it’s this simple – he’s gone and they will never get to have him around to feel anything about him, positive or negative, any more.

    Some truths can wait and some just don’t need to be said…

  • i’ll agree with nick here. I do believe that you should call it like you see it but in situations like this it is imperative that you show amount of decency. chris did both so he is in the clear.

  • Anonymous

    You’re entitled to your opinions of him, and that’s fine, but you seem like a dick too. Saying “this is why I don’t ride motorcycles” is like saying “that’s what you get” and that makes you sound like a complete and total ass. But don’t take it the wrong way.

  • Youu should get sponsored by preperation H because you make everyone butthurt

  • whatever

    You ever think that someday his little girl might read this and see you thought of him as a dick? You’re not worth the nozel from a enema bag.

  • adasdsaaa

    piece of shit

  • Flynn

    Hello, i just wanted to express my opinion on what Chris said. First of all ,Chris, just think of his daughter. Even if what you said about Mitch is true please think about a 5 year old who just lost her father. It is your website and i repect the fact that you are entitled to your opinion. What i really hate though about your comments is the fact that you remembered that Mitch was a dick after he died. So i have a suggestion for you. Can you please update your website with names of the artists that you believe that they are “dicks” so we know before anything happens to those people what your opinion is for them? It is so sad reading these comments from a well known journalist who is supposed to speak about music(isnt what this website is all about?). How would you feel if someone came up to you saying that your dad is or was a dick? I will still visit your website because i respect your opinion on music but do you really think that people care if Mitch was cheating or not? I never liked Suicide Silence but my thoughts are with his daughter and family. RIP Mitch

    PS Obviously you are not a parent that is why you mentioned that or you have issues with cheating (maybe they cheated on you?).Anyway i wish you all the best and i hope next time you will just focus on what your really good at-music!
    PS 2 when your cat died you dedicated a whole page to him and everyone was very sorry about your loss. I dont remember anyone saying “oh. Its just a cat” or “ok we are sorry but your cat was a dick because he was shitting on your carpet”.

  • Bloughmee

    Well, it’s not cool for your karma to dis on the dead this way. Chris it will come back and haunt you – guaranteed. I’ve been around a little longer than you , trust me on that one. Now back to Mitch Lucker the mother-*ucker if he had a little kid he shouldn’t have been helling around on a motorcycle. Needed to grow up himself before having kids. . Now his kid is minus a dad – not cool. And who names their kid “Kenadee”? WTF is that? Take a common name or word and see how fucked up we can make the spelling so nobody will ever get it right. That’s evil. He was definitely a douchebag de-luxe.

  • LittleGirlMissingHerFather

    Chris makes up for his dick comments and lack of depth by that photograph. Dude looks like foreskin. So let’s all not take something on the internet too seriously. If you remember and honor your loved dead ones, that’s all that matters. My daddy dear drank himself to death, no bones about that. But he was human and I still love him (and booze).

  • Lord_Snoodles

    Don’t worry, Chris, all you have to do is die for all the haters to suddenly love you.