It’s called Hydra.

Because Otep likes ‘em wet.

I kid. Yes, people — Otep Shamaya is still at it.

She’ll be releasing new stuff in January through Victory Records.

“There is always a beautiful madness that infects me when writing an album, but this one, Hyrda, is beginning to take control of me,” says Otep online.

I’ve never understood Otep’s music, or at least why I’m supposed to like it.

Maybe you’re not supposed to like it.

Either way, if someone were willing to explain it to me, maybe I’d listen.

  • You have to have lived a certain life to understand where Otep is coming from. Listen to the song ‘Confrontation’, it doesnt take much to get that one and it’s one of the greatest metal songs of all time.

  • Zoey Thevenot

    With all due respect Chris, I’m not trying to be rude in the slightest… and I don’t know you – so I don’t know if the hat fits or not … if it does… feel free to wear it. If not, then leave it for someone else to wear…. Yes. Those who have lived life on a silver platter might not understand her music, or get the connection vibes of the music that Otep puts out. Her music is so deep – it’s not skin surface, it’s inside your soul deep. You don’t have to like her music, just like I don’t have to like country… It’s about feeling something bigger than just one person – it’s about moving together – moving closer in unison with some of the strongest people around. . . And I’m not meaning “strong I work out” – but I’m meaning like I have been raped (or something else traumatic) strong. We all get f*ed over by life, but some of us get f*ed more than others. And her music is something to help us get through the day – something to connect to – something to turn to… It’s soul fuel for those who don’t have an easy life.
    If you don’t understand her music, perhaps it’s because you can’t get that connection going – which is hard to make if you haven’t truly struggled and succeeded in your life. And I’m sorry, not finding a prom date doesn’t count. Or being jobless for a month… honestly, take a look at the platter of which you stand on. Is it gold? Silver? Bronze? Painted? Raw? Sturdy? Faulty? Broken?

    • christhescribe

      My platter is shit splattered

      • Zoey Thevenot

        Have you truly tried to connect to the music then? *truly*?

  • disqus_gz0L6L87P3

    2 words… Jonestown Tea

    If that song does not connect with people or tell what OTEP’s message is, then nothing will. I have had the pleasure to meet OTEP 4 times over the past 10 years. She has grown up both musically and emotionaly. Her message is as powerful as it was in the early 2000’s. She deserves respect from metal and rock heads a like for what she has done for music and for female lead singers in bands.