This is the Deftones post to end all Deftones posts. But why would you end all Deftones posts? You wouldn’t.

The Deftones have a new album coming out, as you may have heard, called Koi No Yokan. It will be available for purchase November 13.

In the meantime, head here for an audio preview of the entire album. From what my ears are hearing, this fucker’s going to occupy my car’s CD player for quite some time.

Yes, my car has a CD player…and no MP3 capabilities. My car’s old.

Oh, and get this.

The Deftones did a cover the other night (which I may have had a chance to hear, if the New York show wasn’t cancelled because of this fucking storm) of a Jane’s Addiction song.

The tune is “Then She Did…” and you can hear it below.

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    Projection: Most accessible, most skillfull, most beautiful, possilby most fan polarizing, most critically acclaimed, mostest and bestest Deftones album yet, hands down blow your mind exceptional…