I like that art
There’s a new Hatebreed album coming, and that there is the cover art, people.

Called The Divinity Of Purpose, Hatebreed’s brand new album will come out on January 29, 2013, in North America on Razor & Tie and on January 25, 2013, in Europe through Nuclear Blast.

The CD was co-produced by Hatebreed, Chris “Zeuss” Harris and Josh Wilbur. The cover artwork was created and illustrated by Eliran Kantor.

That may very well be the first Hatebreed cover I actually like.

It’s classy. Unlike some of those other covers, which even Biohazard would have rejected.

Who is psyched for new Hatebreed?

Reveal yourselves.


  • davisss

    Amazing all their covers look the same. Just like all their albums sound the same. How do they do it. With that being said, I am looking forward to new Hatebreed. Seems like forever.