Mitch Lucker
You know, I took a lot of heat last week for being honest, and lots of people made a ton of assumptions about me based on my opinion.

I understand I was very insensitive in the wake of Mitch Lucker’s death. I realize people thought it was too soon. But look — life goes on. It must. Or else, all is lost.

Or something.

To address your assumptions, yes — I am an asshole, and no — I am not completely happy with my life or so-called accomplishments. I’m not perfect, and never claimed to be.

If you were bummed by my brashness and crassness, it’s probably better you don’t visit the site. But whatever you do, do not purchase a RIP Mitch Lucker shirt. Not yet.

Suicide Silence is asking fans to steer clear of the various stores online selling Lucker memorial tees.

The band says an official shirt is in the works with proceeds going to Lucker’s family.

“Please do not purchase any bootleg RIP shirts from Ebay / online stores,” the band posts online. “An official t-shirt & donation fund will be surfacing this week.”

According to reports, Lucker was driving his motorcycle when he hit a light pole. He apparently lost control of his vehicle and was thrown from it after hitting the pole.

The motorcycle continued moving forward after Lucker was thrown and it collided with a pickup truck  traveling north on Main. The driver of the truck was not injured.

Alcohol is said to have played a factor in the accident.

  • Gandalf

    He was drunk and jumped on his motorcycle. Lucky he didn’t take anyone else with him in the grave i say…

  • Alyyy

    He may have been drunk which obviously is his fault but he still shouldn’t have died.He was a amazing guy,a dad,a band member,a husband and most of all an inspiration

  • ashely

    you know what GANDALF stfu ok you didnt know him wtf how can you point fingers when you dont know the man. fuck your so ignorant! he was a grate man you you shut up and pay some dam respect to his death. because karma will get you ass back! R.I.P MITCH LUCKER! <3 LEGENDS NEVER DIE! (,:

  • Mitch was the reason I started doing Screamo music. he inspired MY band to form and now, we have an offer for a record deal. And we ain’t even got one song out yet. R.I.P Mitch Lucker, You were a great man to everyone bro.