Mutiny Within will issue a new album on January 12, 2013.

That’s about all the news you’ll get in this post.

Mutiny Within’s unnecessary sophomore LP is named after The Police’s biggest album.


Why not just name your record Houses of the Holy? If you’re going to jack an album title, just go for it.

After their split, it seems the band “had so many good ideas and music ready to go, founding member/songwriter AJ and singer Chris Clancy decided to finish what they started and put out the next evolutionary sound of Mutiny Within in the form of the self-produced Synchronicity..” 

I thought we were done with this band, man. I hate when bad bands come back.

It’s like when that floating turd resurfaces from the cave after you flush, forcing you to flush again.

  • MutinyWithin

    Thanks for your support 🙂

  • You sir are what they call, an asshole! This band went through hell and back, recorded a fantastic first album. I don’t know what the HELL you call music, but those guys worked their asses off to take what they had on CD and play it live, and from what I’ve seen on youtube – the nailed it! NO, infact, I’d love to see YOU record an album like that and play it live as hard as they did!

  • What a douche lol

  • I’m sorry, but I find this an unjust representation of that band! They’ve worked hard for that album, and this one too!

  • Raphael Mastro

    Wow ur an asshole lol

  • Ffemt

    I’m going to go ahead and respectfully disagree with your bitching in this post.

  • Joe Farouk

    Wow, how about you go put in the amount of work Chris has into an entire album before saying stuff like this, you useless fucking knobhead.

  • sheepy

    you sir, are a prick

  • Such crap! MW has such a dynamic sound, drums, guitars, vocals – they were a poorly managed and promoted band that was unable to reach its full potential!

  • ThatGuyJordan

    You, sir, are a complete idiot and moron who has no taste in music. I guess that’s what today’s society has to expect with anything coming from someone who “worked” for “Rolling Stone” or worse than that…..”MTV.” By the way, writing shit reviews that no one really cares about online to a few viewers, really doesn’t count as being a “journalist.” Just sayin’.

  • Raphael Mastro

    funny how there are no comments on here, why dont u pass a few

  • Raphael Mastro

    The only turds that keep resurfacing are your articles on this website

  • DeathMetalisCool

    Where’s a plunger when you need one!!!

  • Raphael Mastro

    This is a great article!

  • Raphael Mastro

    Chris harris is the man! He worked for MTV News, so yea he knows what hes talking about

  • Raphael Mastro
  • Raphael Mastro

    Smile like a doughnut! 🙂

  • Raphael Mastro

    do u like it rough rider style, lol yea you do 🙂

  • Raphael Mastro

    im just gonna keep on posting till u take down this article

  • Raphael Mastro

    or maybe ill email your boss telling him how shitty of a journalist you are by comparing them to a turd when they actually had moderate success

  • Mort

    How are you a professional writer? There is nothing clever about your attempt to discredit the band. You’re like the fucking Rush Limbaugh of music.

  • smarty

    you wrote about them…you lose

  • LOL seriously more like Chris Harris is an internationally published fister whose work has appeared inside various assholes, congrats Chris Harris, congrats.

  • LOL seriously more like Chris Harris is an internationally published fister whose work has appeared inside various assholes, congrats Chris Harris, congrats.

  • quimlord

    I love how worked up people are getting over this. Journalism never changes, just because this guys criticized something you like doesn’t make him any worse than the rest of them. If you agreed with what he was saying you wouldn’t be judging his approach at all.
    Not a MW hater, just sticking up for someone to have a right to an opinion.