The cover

The cover
And there it is.

I can’t wait until Bam Margera gets that shit tattooed on his smug fucking forehead.

Yes, Finnish emo band H.I.M. will release a new album, called Tears On Tape, on April 30 and that is the cover.

By that I mean the accompanying image.

The album will be released by Razor & Tie.

H.I.M. claim they are “love metal” but when there’s only one of something, it isn’t a thing at all. One love metal band = no such thing as love metal.

I call them Finnish emo because some tough-ass music comes from Finland. I imagine over there, H.I.M. is looked upon much like Fall Out Boy are in the states: Music for pussies who haven’t seen vagina since they fell out of one.

The album — the band’s eighth — was recorded at Helsinki’s Finnvox Studios with longtime producer Hiili Hiilesmaa and was mixed in London, England, by Tim Palmer.

  • 8319Turku

    Him is a great band, how can you say it’s for pussies? Clearly you are an embittered twat.

  • Kia Welbehenna

    Bam isnt even a fan of this band anymore, dear chris…

  • Ross CMR

    Obviously you havent seen their new video:
    I think you opinion would change

  • Great album if you ask me. They have the whole thing streaming on their site right now TEARSONTAPE.US