Something's offensive about this?

Something's offensive about this?
So, I guess the fucking hipster buttdarts of the world have latched on to Ghost — or Ghost B.C., depending on where you stand on brevity — because Spin now covers them a ton.

Sad, really, when something you care about is tainted by the tang of Pabst Blue Ribbon, cigarettes, and B.O.

Spin claims the band’s forthcoming album Infestissumam has been delayed by a week and will now arrive in North American stores on April 16.


Spin claims four separate compact disc manufacturers have refused to print the blasphemous artwork for the actual album itself.

The art on the CD, numbnuts.

This has forced the band to amend that art for U.S. audiences.

And that’s fucking weak.

American’s are so fucking hung-up over sex it’s frightening.

So there’s an upside down cross, naked chicks getting fingered, and a holy man receiving head from a chick with a dope ass showing fur burgrage?

What the fuck is wrong with that, people?

Controversial my foot!

  • P-ST0LER0

    It’s so ridiculous. I don’t know of anyone here ( in Cali) who would dispute the artwork is fascinatingly contoversial- it’s obiously something you don’t leave laying around for the kids to see, but that’s a personal responsibility- the drawing is art and isn’t that protected under our constitution? What’s the sanitised version gonna look like?

  • oli

    Oh you yanks…

  • Kill

    Ironic that this guy hates hipsters when the opening complaint sounds soooo fucking hipster. “I liked it first waaaah”

  • we loves our guns but nymph sex? oh no no no no noooooo

  • Ian

    Total horseshit. ‘Nuff said.

  • Sounds to me like Ghost hit the lottery! Nothing breeds sales like controversy so if the writer was upset before about the word getting out on these guys, he’s just in for more disappointment. Part of me is always a little suspicious when stories like this are leaked before an album is released. I always get the feeling it’s strictly for buzz.

  • Garbage. They don’t even press that many CDs anymore. As for the ‘hipster’ shit? Every asshole critic has to insert that in their scratch- otherwise how can they legitimize their own bullshit? I mean really- Ghost only has one album out!

  • Who cares… this band is so overrated and lame… some of the most supremely boring music I have ever heard

  • M C

    I don’t believe that four pressing plants would not print this art. This is the new Imprecation cover art and no one turned it down:


    i don’t care what the art looks could be jesus getting assfucked by satan, or unicorns and rainbows.. just give me the goddamn music already!